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Whitepaper: IT Security Dos and Don'ts

IT Security Dos and Donts GuideWhile companywide security policies should reflect long-range expectations and corporate best practices, they should also include tactical recommendations that employees can follow to ensure they are complying with the company’s overall risk strategy. Download our IT Security Dos and Dont's Guide for a list of end-user security best practices. 

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll find in the IT Security Dos and Dont's Guide:

  • Do be smart when browsing/surfing the Internet or clicking links
  • ​Do lock your computer and mobile phone(s) when you leave your desk and/or office
  • Do use care when entering passwords in front of others
  • Don't store passwords on a piece of paper or other easily accessible document
  • Don't open email or attachments if the sender is unknown or suspicious

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