With its power, privacy, and performance, the private cloud has been the go-to option for financial and investment firms that require enterprise-caliber IT infrastructure. For other firms, so-called public cloud infrastructures offer compelling opportunities and advantages. 

Fortunately, investment firms needn’t take an “either/or” approach to their IT infrastructures. With a hybrid cloud approach that combines many of the most compelling features of public and private clouds, firms can leverage a uniquely flexible platform that meets a broad range of needs. 

Our whitepaper, Is the Hybrid Cloud Right for Your Firm?, highlights the pros and cons of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures and addresses a number of critical areas of concern for financial firms evaluating these solutions, including:

  • Support and Service
  • Availability/Uptime
  • Proximity
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Application Hosting
  • Cost

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