For investment management and professional services firms, security continues to be a top priority due to both the evolving complexity of the cyber landscape and hackers becoming more progressive.

One critical layer of security that is continuously overlooked is an effective Patch Management Strategy, meaning the tracking, testing and installing of patches to repair holes in your firm’s hardware and software. Patch Management has matured significantly over the years due to the rising sophistication of attacks, and it is crucial to keep your strategy and program up-to-date.

Download our whitepaper, How Ineffective Patch Management Can Leave Your Firm Exposed to learn effective strategies and best practices for alternative investment and professional services firms.

In this whitepaper, we cover topics such as:

  • Why proper timing is key in patch management
  • Security gaps resulting from an ineffective strategy
  • The impact of legacy applications on security
  • How firm characteristics can affect your patch management methodology

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