Video: Simplifying Your Security Program

Cybersecurity attacks have been a hot topic for many years now, but there has been a recent surge in the frequency and sophistication of these attacks. Today, phishing attempts account for more than 80% of reported cyber incidents and the average financial services data breach costs $5.9M to address.

So, what can you do to prepare and strengthen your defenses? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges posed by cyber attacks, the key risks, and some strategies to simplify cybersecurity for your financial institution.

Key Points of Discussion Include:

  • The Rise of Cyber Attacks
  • What Financial Services Needs
  • Cybersecurity Risks
  • Finding the Right Security Partner
  • FinServ Solutions
  • IT Hygiene
  • Rich Itri, SVP, Professional Services, ECI
  • Steve Schwartz, Director of Security Consulting, ECI
  • Amanda Daly, Marketing Manager, ECI (Moderator)


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