Video: Digital Transformation of Regulatory Compliance:
Trends for 2021

MiFID II, a legislative framework instituted by the European Union, first came into effect in January 2018, announcing transparency rules and transaction reporting requirements across the financial markets to improve protection for investors. Almost three years on, coming to the end of 2020, compliance associates across the investment sector are tasked with preparing for next year, in the face of the new normal, increasing regulations, whilst also juggling crime prevention with an agile budget in hand.

Watch as industry experts from Eze Castle Integration, AIMA and SteelEye review MiFID II and explore regulatory compliance trends for 2021.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The impact of MiFID II and Covid-19 on the operational landscape for 2021

  • Digital transformation and its effect on trading decisions

  • Investing in technology and outsourcing to keep up with regulatory requirements

  • Are collaboration tools fit for regulatory compliance in 2021?

  • Jamie Smith, Director, International Technology, Eze Castle Integration
  • Steven Schwartz, Director, Security Solutions, Eze Castle Integration
  • Helen Bevis, Head of Strategic Partnerships, SteelEye
  • Moderator: James Delaney, Director, Asset Management Regulation, AIMA

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