Trends in Emerging Manager Operational Due Diligence


Today’s emerging managers face a number of challenges: fierce competition and demanding investor expectations tops among them. With operational due diligence processes evolving rapidly, how can emerging managers differentiate themselves and make an impression on suspecting investors?

Watch Eze Castle Integration and EisnerAmper discuss the current environment for emerging managers and answer the following questions:

  • What qualities do investors look for in emerging managers? What are red flags?

  • On ODD: what are the issues clients are most interested in?

  • On outsourcing: how do emerging managers demonstrate the value to investors?

  • What questions re: IT, cybersecurity and risk management should emerging managers be prepared to address?


  • Frank Napolitani, Director, EisnerAmper LLP

  • Mary Beth Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing, Eze Castle Integration

Watch the 40-min video now.

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