New technology is emerging, cloud computing is becoming the new norm and cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially, but how does this impact investment management firms across the globe? Eze Castle Integration surveyed 150 senior-level executives with IT decision making responsibility to find out how the current landscape has shaped their strategies and attitudes on cybersecurity, IT spend and third-party outsourcing.

Key findings from this whitepaper: 

  • IT is a Strategic Priority: One-quarter surveyed specified IT investment as their top organizational aim, while 46 percent said it was among their highest priorities

  • Project IT Spend: Data security ranked the highest budgetary priority, but what else made the list?

  • Who’s Outsourcing & What? 78% of respondents reported they were currently using managed IT service providers, but is it working?

  • The Security Threats List: Data breaches are top a cyber concern, but what else is keeping CXOs up at night?

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