We've put together a bank case of studies illustrating how ECI's clients keep up with the ever-evolving Insurance landscape, through digitization.

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7 Steps to Prepare for Digital Transformation at Your Firm

Technology has transformed business processes in amazing ways, and has moved us all forward leaps and bounds. So, what is digital transformation, and what does it mean to your firm? This blog will give an overview of what digital transformation can mean for the investment management industry and 7 steps to prepare your firm for a digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation ROI

Digital Transformation ROI: How to Plan and Measure


ROI is a tricky calculation under the best of circumstances. At its most straightforward, it's how many dollars you bring in compared to how many dollars you spend. However, this bare-bones equation often fails to examine the less tangible factors that contribute to the bottom line. When you're working with a broad concept, like digital transformation, the answers can get even murkier. This article sheds some light on how companies can make their calculations more accurate.

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Azure Supporting Digital Transformation

4 Ways Azure Supports Digital Transformations

Digital transformation projects are moving up the CTO priority list and most are paired with evaluating Microsoft Azure as part of the initiative. We sat down with ECI’s Director of Cloud Infrastructure Robert Gee to understand some top reasons organizations are taking a closer look at Azure.

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Digital Transformation Isn't Just About Cloud Migrations: Understand the Drivers

Some businesses opt for a cloud or data solution for no real reason other than its sheer popularity. Some companies eventually do learn to harness the benefits of these services, but many end up with a sea of data they can't control. We'll look at how financial services and insurance companies can make smarter decisions.

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5 Practical Ways AI Can Support Your Asset Management Firm

Introducing new technology into the workplace is key to keeping an organization up to date and capable of adapting to a constantly changing business world. Asset management is a prime example of an industry where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can aid in the quality and efficiency of work. Because a computer can process vast amounts of data much more quickly than a human being can, the use of AI can greatly increase productivity in the area of asset management.

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AI and Big Data Storage: Data Lakes or Data Pipelines

Data is the foundation of today’s digital world. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms can help any business discover, create and capitalize on smart opportunities across the board, and these tools require large amounts of data to be truly successful. Two methods for doing so are through the implementation of data lakes and data pipelines, both of which prove to be beneficial for storing and analyzing data collected by your company.

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