Eze Castle Cybersecurity Resource Center

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Eze Castle Integration has launched a new security knowledge center full of resources like videos, guides, and checklists to stay up-to-date on industry best practices for cybersecurity. For any questions related to the resources below, you can contact us here

Cybersecurity Guide: 20 Cyber Controls, from Standard to Advanced
based on the Center for Internet Security's Controls

It may not be realistic for your firm to employ every cybersecurity technology and tool and maintain a host of security policies - at least not from day one. This guidebook provides 20 actionable steps to assess some of the cybersecurity protections that should be on your list based on the Center for Internet Security's recommended controls.

Cloud Security Defined: Required Safeguards for 2019 and Beyond

The key to cloud success is implementing the appropriate security layers to operate safely and securely. This whitepaper addresses key measures in modern cloud security, including installing the right digital defenses, best practices for collaborating with vendors and third-parties, and steps to mitigate risk when using cloud computing technology.

Incident Response Planning: Before, During and After

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, it is crucial to act fast to minimize the exposure of sensitive information and mitigate any risk to your firm. This eBook outlines the steps to take before, during and after a cybersecurity incident, including how to build an incident response team and examples of cybersecurity incidents and appropriate response steps.

How Strong is Your Human Firewall? Best Practices for Phishing Readiness

Arguably, human error is the weakest link in the security chain of any organization, with hackers using increasingly deceiving tactics to exploit employees. This best practices guidebook evaluates today's threat landscape and identifies common phishing techniques. The guide includes a checklist for complete phishing readiness.


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