Video: Cybersecurity: An ESG Concern

On first glance, robust cybersecurity is a matter for IT and tech professionals to handle. However, on further inspection, the reputational risk of a cyber attack, on both manager and investors, means that cybersecurity is increasingly an ESG concern.

LPs are increasingly including cybersecurity into ESG questionnaires, while GPs are thinking more carefully about their technology providers and partners, ensuring they meet the same high levels of conduct when it comes to environmental, social, governance and diversity improvements.

Watch this insightful and informative discussion, exploring the ever increasing convergence of cybersecurity and ESG within the private capital fund market.

Discussion points:

  • Inclusion of cybersecurity within ESG due diligence questionnaires
  • Communicating an attempted or successful cyber breach to investors
  • Cybersecurity as an ESG metric: what and how to measure
  • What’s at risk when it comes to cybersecurity and ESG? Personal data, capital, reputation?
  • Who is responsible for cybersecurity within the GP? And how to instil team-wide behaviours
  • Assessing technology partners through an ESG lens

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