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Post Pandemic IT Strategy for the Road Ahead: Security, Cloud and Operational Considerations + Webinar Recap

In a recent webinar with guest speakers from AIMA and Odey Asset Management, our technology experts explored key technology and operational takeaways from the pandemic and shared guidance on building an agile infrastructure for the road ahead. Today’s blog will summarise key takeaways from the discussion in a checklist format, ready for investment firms to consider as part of their IT strategy planning process.

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Panel Discussion Roundup: Lessons Learnt in Trying Times - People, Processes & Technology

In a recent panel discussion, senior technology experts from Eze Castle Integration and guest speaker from a global private equity firm together explored lessons learnt from a people, processes, and technology standpoint, in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic. Today’s blog will roundup key lessons and takeaways from the discussion.

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