Return to Work

A Technology Checklist for Planning Your Return to Work

As shelter in place orders near lifting, now is the time to begin planning your businesses return to work strategy even if you don't plan to recall employees for many weeks or months. We have created a Return to Work: Technology & Employee Planning Guide to help businesses achieve a smooth return to work.

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Employee Tips

Employee Planning Tips for a Safe Return to Office

On the employee front, it is important to consider government restrictions and expectations as well as review guidance from industry bodies such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration and SHRM as you create your return to work plan.

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Improving Collaboration

Improving Your Firm's Collaboration

When it comes to investment management firms, collaboration, efficiency, and cutting edge technology are all critical factors when it comes to growth. This article explores Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive.

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Stay Secure While Remote

Learn how to Securely Work Remote

As an unprecedented number of employees work remote due to COVID-19, firms must stay diligent in maintaining their security posture. In this article we outline best practices to maintain a strong security posture while working from home. 

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Securing a home network

Learn how to Secure Your Home Network

We cover best practices for home network security, including scanning your home network for devices and vulnerabilities, using OpenDNS to block malicious websites and creating a guest WiFi network.

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Advice for C-Suite

Learn to Navigate the Coronavirus Threat Landscape

We explore technology and cyber-strategy recommendations for the C-Suite to support the World Economic Forum's cybersecurity guidelines for the coronavirus threat landscape.

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Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Learn about Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Hackers are sending out phishing emails to impersonate the CDC and WHO and end-users are falling for them. In this article we highlight the recent scams and provide 13 tips for your users.  

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Bolster Security

Learn Tips to Bolster Security in Your Home

This practice is especially important as firms and their employees are exposed to the increasing number of Covid-19 phishing scams and cyberattacks, which are becoming more and more sophisticated and convincing by the day.  

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Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Tips on Working Remote Successfully

Gartner, Inc. released a survey showing "that 88% of organizations have encouraged or required employees to work from home, regardless of whether or not they showed coronavirus-related symptoms." In this article we share tips on when to work, where to work, establishing boundaries between work and personal life, and more.  

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Microsoft Teams

How to Best Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool especially as organizations adapt to a near fully-remote workforce. In this article we review key features and share tips to help employees keep up productivity levels.  

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Multi-Factor Authentication

How Multi-Factor Authentication Reduces Remote Work Security Risks

It is important to enable multi-factor authentication and other IT security must dos to mitigate risk during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Zoom Tips

Tips to Keep Zoom Secure & Help Prevent Zoombooming

Zoom is making headlines with a variety of privacy and security issues, including Zoombooming. The risks are real, so we sat down with a few of our security experts to capture this list of tips and recommendations.

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VDI Tips

Is a Cloud VDI Mature Enough for the Investment Sector?

As we start to somewhat settle into our new working from home reality, it’s a good time to reflect on what could have been done to better prepare for a prolonged period of remote working, from an organisational point of view.

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4 Steps Incident Response

Learn the 4 Steps to Deal with a Security Breach


While this list is in no way comprehensive in detailing the steps necessary to combat cyber-attacks (as many steps will vary based on the unique type), it provides a baseline for planning and internal discussion.

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CTO Tips

Tips to Effectively Use Your Seat at the Table During COVID-19


One challenge for some CTOs and technology leaders is communicating the importance of IT and cybersecurity and its role in the overarching business. Here are three tips for communicating the importance of IT and cybersecurity internally.

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Safe Remote Access

Learn About Safe Remote Access Practices


The importance of security measures to have in place when operating remotely cannot be stressed enough. Following a prolonged period of remote working, it is understandable to become somewhat relaxed about this, but organisations are urged to remind their employees not to get complacent. 

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Rethinking Effective Leadership

Exploring What Makes An Effective Leader and How to Become One


Babson College Professor, Scott N. Taylor, PhD shares some of the exercises that can help you evaluate what kind of leader you want to be, and how to get there in times of change.

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Cybersecurity Posture

Risks Employees Pose to a Firm’s Cybersecurity Posture


Employees – particularly those with unrestricted access to sensitive information and financials – are a hacker’s easiest access point into a firm. Every day, more employees fall victim to social engineering schemes and phishing attacks designed to fool them.

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