Whilst most businesses will have had a taste of remote working in the past, a few will attest to being fully prepared for the overnight shift to a virtual setup that 2020 has called for. 

Investment firms and their professionals around the world have adjusted greatly to ensure business operations continue to run as smoothly as possible in this new setup, with minimal disruptions. 
This panel discussion will explore how investment firms can modernise their IT systems and implement practices to power remote workforce collaboration and productivity for the long-haul. 

Points of discussion to include:

  • Technology integration to support a new age of collaboration
  • Key Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) to adopt for better operational harmony
  • Tips and practices to improve workflow, productivity, and collaboration in today’s digital world


  • Rich Itri, SVP Professional Services, Eze Castle Integration
  • Bill Tan, Chief Security Officer, Eze Castle Integration
  • Chris Turek, Senior Managing Director & Chief Information Officer, Evercore Partners
  • Moderator: James Delaney, Director, Asset Management Regulation, Alternative Investment Management Association 


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