Whilst security has always been front and centre for investment firms with a lot at stake, this year has truly tested defence practices and security frameworks utilised by the sector, globally. The unprecedented spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic has called for firms to identify and quickly mitigate any new security gaps in this unpredictable, fast-evolving landscape. 

This new landscape also demands for fast adoption of advanced security and control measures to survive. Watch as security experts from Eze Castle Integration and Drawbridge Partners share tips to achieving complete organisational resilience when facing the unknown. 

Points of discussion to include:

  • Gaps and vulnerabilities to watch out for in the current landscape
  • The importance of implementing access controls and conditional access in the modernised digital workplace
  • The need to interact more effectively via digital channels to ensure organisational stability and security 
  • The shared responsibility of security 


  • Jamie Smith, Director International Technology, Eze Castle Integration
  • Simon Eyre, Managing Partner, Drawbridge Partners
  • Moderator: Dean Hill, Executive Director, Eze Castle Integration


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