Technological advances continue to drive change in the way we work. Is it realistic for asset managers to keep pace with the increasing speed of innovation and the costs associated with globalisation and digitisation, whilst managing the risks that these advances bring with them? In this session we discuss the evolving technologies and address some of the key issues that you should be considering as you plan future business strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Points of discussion to include:

  • Connecting Technologies across data chains
  • Data security
  • AI
  • Using data to inform buying decisions to remain competitive


  • Steven Schoener, Chief Technology Officer, Eze Castle Integration 
  • Lawrence Brown, Partner, Simmons & Simmons 
  • Loic Dunand, Partner, PwC
  • Moderator: Renaud Oury, Chief Data Officer, Apex Group Ltd


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Innovation Trends Summit