As digitisation continues to drive change, asset managers should look to outsource the cost of keeping up with technological change by seeking single-source solution providers that can deliver a complete package of services now and continue to evolve in the future. In addition, the working habits brought about by Covid-19 have accelerated a growing trend that will require the simplification of firm’s operations, resulting in the outsourcing of more functions to a smaller group of suppliers.

Points of discussion to include:

  • Investor transparency requirements / pressures
  • Digitisation of banking
  • Enhancing our buying power
  • Post-COVID environment and working habit changes


  • Peter Hughes, CEO & Founder, Apex Group  
  • Dan Page, Head of Asset Management Advisory, KPMG (Ireland) 
  • Mikael Johnson, Senior Lead Partner, Alternative Investments, KPMG LLP 
  • Moderator: Mary Beth Hamilton, Vice President Marketing, Eze Castle Integration 


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Innovation Trends Summit