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Cybersecurity Information Center:
A comprehensive compilation of all things Hedge Fund Security

Cyber Action Plan for Investment Firms

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Our whitepaper, A Fund Manager's Cyber Security Action Plan, highlights changes in the current regulatory environment for hedge funds and private equity firms and examines:

  • How to Prevent Insider Risk

  • Cyber Security Training Best Practices

  • How to Make Employees a Cyber Asset 


>> whitepaper

20 Cybersecurity Dos and Don'ts for Employees

Your firm may have layers of cybersecurity technology implemented but if your employees are not up-to-speed on the basic security Dos and Don'ts then you're in trouble. Our list of the 20 security Dos and Don'ts every employee should follow will help ensure your first line of cyber defense is prepared.



Hear Eze Castle Integration's Director of Business Continuity and Data Privacy answer:

  • Where are you seeing the most deficiencies in cybersecurity preparedness?

  • What goes into an effective Written Information Security Plan?

  • What common mistakes do you find firms are making when it comes to information security safeguards?

In this Opalesque.TV video interview, Bob Guilbert and Vinod Paul from Eze Castle Integration discuss the cybersecurity landscape of the investment community, specifically the risks facing hedge funds and alternative investment managers in 2015. Topics covered include:

  • “Spearfishing” and“Waterhole” attacks

  • SEC requirements and best practices

  • Defining a “WISP” – Written Information Security Policy

  • Eze Castle and eSentire Partnership

  • Increasing cloud adoption rates in larger funds

  • Shift in perception of cloud safety

Watch as we cover the top IT  Security Dos & Dont's including:

  • Do create strong passwords

  • Don't open emails from unknown senders

  • Do contact IT about security questions



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