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Cybersecurity Information Center:
A comprehensive compilation of all things Security for Hedge Funds and Investment Firms

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Cybersecurity Layers of Protection

Layers of Cybersecurity for Hedge FundsWhen it comes to protecting your investment firm from serious cybersecurity threats, it's safe to say that less is definitely not more. In fact, it takes a pretty heavy arsenal of security measures to combat the ever-growing threats targeting your firm from both the inside and the outside.Hedge Fund Cybersecurity Training

Our Layered Approach to Cybersecurity eBook breaks down three primary security tiers (basic, standard and advanced) and highlights various cyber protections to implement across your organization relative to access control, perimeter security, policy development, and more.

And for a handy, one-pager, click here to get your copy of our Cybersecurity Cheatsheet, which breaks down each layer's components in an easy-to-understand format. 

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10 Common Cyber Security Gaps

Common Cyber Security Gaps eBookThe security risks we face are ever-changing, and it’s a full-time job trying to keep pace. Hack attacks can spread quickly (think: WannaCry) and disrupt systems, networks and operations to the point of disaster.

And social engineering scams – like sophisticated, well-timed phishing emails – are targeting users more frequently, meaning your guards need to be up, technology and otherwise.

These 10 IT security gaps highlight areas where hedge funds and private equity firms can take steps to avoid risk in the future.

These gaps are preventable, and when the next phishing email hits your inbox or ransomware attack strikes your network, you can rest easier knowing you've plugged these common security holes.

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Ruane, Cunniff and Goldfarb, Inc. (NY) Move to the Eze Private Cloud for Flexibility & Security

NY Investment Firm Wants SecurityAs an investment advisor and broker-dealer, Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb has a busy portfolio and maintaining a technical environment in-house became too much. Looking for a flexible platform through which it could easily add users and resources as well as an environment with robust disaster recovery capabilities, the firm ultimately settled on the Eze Private Cloud. 

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Isles Ranch Partners (CA) Gains Flexibility & Security by Selecting Eze Private Cloud

CA Investment Firm Goes CloudAs a startup investment management firm, Isles Ranch Partners looked to outsource its technology needs to an IT provider that could support future growth (including multiple office locations) and had a vast knowledge of the financial industry. Acting as the firm's virtual CTO, Eze Castle Integration supports Isles Ranch with its Eze Managed Suite private cloud platform, 24x7x365 Global Support Desk, voice solutions and disaster recovery. 

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Top 10 IT Security Audit Gaps - and How to Avoid Them

Curious where investment management firms typically fall short when it comes to cyber security? In this recent webinar, we highlighted the top 10 security gaps commonly identified during an IT audit and how managers can take steps to mitigate and remediate these potential concerns – both proactively and reactively.

Some common IT gaps discussed include:

  • Risk management and governance
  • IT Asset management
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Patch management

Note: We're aware of a few minor audio issues with our webinar recording. Please accept our sincerest apologies. We're working with our platform provider to address these issues for future recordings.




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20 Cybersecurity Dos and Don'ts for Employees

Your firm may have layers of cybersecurity technology implemented but if your employees are not up-to-speed on the basic security Dos and Don'ts then you're in trouble. Our list of the 20 Security Dos and Don'ts every employee should follow will help ensure your first line of cyber defense is prepared. 

Sample Tips:

  • Do be aware of phishing tricks* when viewing emails and surfing websites. *We include some in the Guide.
  • Do create and maintain strong passwords and change them every 60-90 days.
  • Do not provide information such as personal identifiable information via unencrypted email.

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Culture of Security

Establishing a Culture of SecurityEmployees can be a firm’s greatest asset and biggest weakness when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s because, even with sophisticated perimeter security and vigilant monitoring, a huge vulnerability, remains the people who use a firm’s IT systems to conduct transactions and access sensitive data.

In addition to technology safeguards, firms must build an internal culture of security that includes ongoing, organization-wide commitment to defining and adhering to careful, thoughtful policies that reduce or eliminate “people vulnerabilities” through assessments, awareness, and education.

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Critical Cybersecurity Threats to Hedge Funds

The whitepaper, Critical Cybersecurity Threats & How to Prepare, is a resource for investment firms looking to stay up-to-date on the industry landscape and ahead of impending cybersecurity risks. Cybersecurity WhitepaperRead the complete report for details on:

  • The state of the industry
  • Highlights from the SEC cybersecurity roundtable, which signaled increased sweeps
  • A hacker's toolkit: cybersecurity threats to financial firms
  • Best practices for building a secure hedge fund
  • Cybersecurity incident response: what now?


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Critical Layers to Hedge Fund Cyber Defense Programs

Which lock to your firm’s security will a hacker finally break through?

Take a listen as members of Eze Castle Integration's Product Team break down three critical layers of cyber defense your investment firm should have in place:

  • Next-Generation Firewall Technology
  • Email Security & Targeted Attack Protection
  • Managed Phishing Simulations & User Training

In just 30 minutes, we’ll get you up-to-speed on these ‘hot’ cyber protection technologies, and you’ll come away with guidance for implementing a robust and layered cyber defense plan. 


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Eze Phishing and Training

Eze Managed Phishing & Training Service is a fully-managed cybersecurity training solution provided by Eze Castle Integration.

Through controlled phishing simulations, the program tests employees' responses to phishing attacks and provides ‘in-the-moment’ security education.

On-demand interactive security awareness training and knowledge assessments are also included to reinforce key concepts.

Quarterly reports summarize phishing tests and training completion results to provide insights into employee vulnerabilities and ensure accountability.

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>> Eze Castle Solution

Eze Managed Suite Security Overview

Eze Managed Suite is a fully managed IT solution for hedge funds, private equity firms and other alternative investment funds that provides flexibility and simplified IT operations. This award-winning hedge fund IT solution combines a robust, highly secure private infrastructure via the Eze Private Cloud with key business applications and professional IT management.

The Eze Managed Suite gives users file services, email via Microsoft Exchange, software applications including Microsoft Office, mobile services, email security, disaster recovery and 24x7x365 support.

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