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What is Cloud Computing?Cloud vs. On-Prem

Defining the hedge fund cloud, exploring the history of cloud computing and
explaining the differences between public, private and hybrid clouds

At a high level, cloud computing relates to services or applications that are hosted in a web-based repository known as the “cloud”; the service is hosted by a third-party provider who then provides access to that service to users on an on-demand basis via a network connection.

With cloud computing a hedge fund does not have to purchase and maintain costly infrastructure in-house and is able to transfer IT expenses from capital expenditures to operating expenditures.

Read more about the History of Cloud Computing and the differences between Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.


private cloud hedge fundHistory of Cloud Computing

  • Early 1990s to the first hedge fund cloud


hedge fund private cloudCloud Types: Public, Private & Hybrid

  • What are the differences?
  • Private cloud variations: On-premise private cloud versus externally-hosted private cloud
  • Resources