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WATCH: IT Security Dos & Don'ts

We spend a lot of time educating our clients about security best practices and encouraging them to implement comprehensive security policies and procedures to mitigate risk and protect both the firm and its employees. And for good reason. A report released earlier in 2014 stated data breaches across just New York state alone more than tripled from 2006 to 2013 and cost businesses more than $1.37 billion in 2013.

While companywide policies should reflect long-range expectations and corporate best practices, they should also include tactical recommendations that employees can follow to ensure they are complying with the company’s overall risk strategy. In addition to providing employees with security best practices they should follow, don’t forget to also include a list of actions they should not. Our video highlights just a few pieces of advice we regularly offer our investment firm clients.

WATCH: Common Information Security Mistakes

As hedge funds and investment management firms shore up security practices in an effort to comply with the SEC cybersecurity expectations and other industry and investor standards, it can become overwhelming to sort out what's required and how firms should go about achieving compliance. It can also be easy to make mistakes.

We asked Eze Castle's Business Continuity and Data Privacy Manager, Lisa Smith, to tell us about some of the common information security mistakes she witnesses firms make and how to avoid them in the future. Here are some of the key questions Lisa answers:

Where are you seeing the most deficiencies in cybersecurity preparedness?
What goes into an effective Written Information Security Plan?
What common mistakes do you find firms are making when it comes to information security safeguards?

WATCH: The Global Network Powering the Private Cloud

In today’s interconnected financial world, investment firms have global interests and a global presence, making fully on-premise IT infrastructure a way of the past. Cloud service providers have a variety of capabilities, each designed to serve a specific set of needs, which makes it crucial for businesses to critically evaluate the network behind a cloud and what it can deliver.

Not all clouds are created equal.

Our ECI Link Financial Network is a global private cloud network built for the financial industry. With data centers in the US, UK and Asia, it enables organizations to efficiently leverage a single provider for all their global infrastructure needs.

WATCH: Why the Billion Dollar Club is Headed to the Cloud

Our June 2014 whitepaper, Why the Billion Dollar Club is Headed to the Cloud, makes the case that more than just small start-up firms are leveraging the cloud to compete in today's changing marketplace. Hear Bob Guilbert of Eze Castle Integration discuss why firms should read the paper.

  • The Business Case for the Cloud: Why Established Firms are Making the Move
  • The Right Time: When Established Firms are Making the Move
  • The Cloud Advantage: Architecture, Access, Operations
  • The Cloud Advantage: The Converged Network
  • The Cloud Advantage: Stronger Security, Lower Risk

Read the whitepaper here.

WATCH: Why The Private Cloud Works for One Growing Investment Firm

Hedge funds and alternative investment firms are moving their infrastructures and applications to the cloud at a rapid pace. And the reasons for doing so are compelling: increased flexibility, simplified management, predictable budgeting, etc.

INDOS Financial, an independent Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) depository based in London is one firm that chose to utilize the private cloud for their growing firm, and we’re excited to share their experience with you. Watch our video interview with Bill Prew, CEO and founder of INDOS, as he explains why the private cloud was the right choice for his fund.


WATCH: Cloud Computing Explained in 60 Seconds

Does the idea of cloud computing still leave you feeling confused?

The reasons to move to the cloud are significant. On the cloud, your firm can:

  • Reduce IT costs,
  • Increase the speed of technology deployment,
  • Simplify IT management,
  • Improve IT flexibility, and
  • Gain built-in disaster recovery.

Seems like an easy choice, right? Watch our video to discover why not all clouds are created equal.


WATCH: The Antidote for IT Headaches

As an investment firm manager, you've got a lot on your plate. And managing technology can be complex.

By leveraging a private cloud infrastructure, you can alleviate those common IT headaches and focus your energies on more important tasks. With the private cloud:

  • Adding new apps and users is a cinch,
  • Performance is outstanding,
  • IT budgeting is clear and predictable,
  • Security is rock-solid, and
  • Data is protected and available 24x.7

Any questions?

WATCH: Why The Cloud Might Be Right for You
via Opalesque TV

Opalesque TV sat down with our own Vinod Paul to discuss how cloud computing is altering the technology landscape in the hedge fund industry. The conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Clouds
  • The Migration from Traditional IT to the Cloud
  • Impact of Reduced Costs in the Cloud
  • Real-world Examples of Cloud Utilization
  • Examining the Technology Environment for Startups
  • Scalability with the Cloud
  • Cloud Security Best Practices
  • The Future of the Cloud


WATCH: From the Comm. Room to the Cloud:
Critical Considerations for Funds Managers

Are you due for a hardware refresh? Are your servers showing their age or applications running slower? As funds find themselves growing their infrastructure, they also find that their technology is reaching its limits. Enter: the cloud.

Watch this webcast to learn the key considerations hedge funds and investment firms should be thinking about as they transition from an on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud.

We’ll share two case studies of established hedge funds who successfully migrated to the cloud and examine some of their key drivers.

WATCH: 2013 Cloud Usage Survey Results Revealed

In 2012, we learned that 8 out of 10 investment management firms were using the cloud (or planning to). This time, we set out to learn why.

Working again in partnership with IDG Research, Eze Castle Integration conducted a market survey in 2013 to determine how and why financial services firms are using the cloud and the benefits they are realizing from various cloud deployments.

Featuring responses from over 100 hedge fund and investment management firms, the survey findings reveal the top technology trends within the industry, including:

  • Business requirements achieved with the cloud;
  • Best-suited cloud deployment models for financial services firms; and
  • Cloud computing budget forecasting.