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Eze Voice Powered by Eze Private Cloud


Eze Voice is an innovative hosted cloud-based voice solution that combines high levels of redundancy and quality of service with the features financial services and hedge fund firms require. The hosted-voice platform uses Eze Castle Integration’s global private cloud infrastructure, Eze Private Cloud, and is ideal for firms that want to benefit from the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness offered with a cloud-based voice service. 

Eze Voice Highlights: VoIP Built for Financial Services

Premier Quality of Service
Eze Castle is 100% focused on quality, reliability, and business continuity. The network powering our hosted PBX service is optimized to deliver crystal clear sound based on a state of the art network and voice over IP (VoIP) optimized infrastructure.

Flexible and Cost Effective
This premier cloud-hosted PBX service eliminates the up-front costs of buying a phone system and provides financial clients with a VoIP solution that can be customized to meet their unique user needs. Additionally it comes with nearly unlimited calling minutes.

Critical Functionality for Financial Services
Eze Voice includes functionality financial services and hedge fund firms require such as true ‘bridged appearances’ that allow flexible push-button collaboration between colleagues. By adding a colleague’s phone line to your phone, you can join live conversations and also place and answer calls from that ‘bridged’ phone line.  


Communicate Seamlessly Across Multiple Offices
Eze Voice makes it easy to connect a firm’s offices and employees and eliminates the need for expensive and complex networks, hardware and software. 

Business Continuity
The platform behind our Eze Voice service boasts redundant hardware and software and fault tolerant systems to ensure continuous availability. In addition, another advantage is that calls can be automatically re-routed in the event of a local service outage.

Connecting Mobile Workers
With Eze Voice, each mobile employee simply needs a broadband connection and they become an extension of your corporate phone system. Employees simply need to plug in their compatible phone via Ethernet to their home network and start making calls.

How Eze Voice Works

How Eze Cloud Voice Works