Wexford Capital Moves to ECI's Private Cloud Platform to Power Operations, Increase IT Agility


Wexford Capital gravitated away from its on-premise IT infrastructure and towards the ECI's Private Cloud for its multifaceted suite of services and measurable benefits, such as, cost optimization and increased business agility.

Wexford Capital is a multi-billion dollar SEC registered investment adviser (RIA). The firm, which was formed in 1994, manages a series of hedge funds and private equity funds from its Greenwich, CT and West Palm Beach, FL offices. Absorbing all of Wexford’s IT needs, ECI's Private Cloud empowers the firm’s employees to focus on more tactical, revenue-generating work and create business value.

Dante Domenichelli, Chief Operating Officer at Wexford Capital, said, “ECI delivers the comprehensive services and expert, reliable support we had been searching for in an IT provider. Transitioning to the ECI's Private Cloud has enabled seamless business expansion and improved our operational efficiencies while providing assurances of performance and security.” 

About Wexford Capital

Wexford Capital LP is an SEC registered investment advisor with more than $3 billion in assets under management. The firm, which was formed in 1994, manages a series of hedge funds and private equity funds from its Greenwich, CT and West Palm Beach, FL offices.

Wexford also manages a series of private equity funds and has made more than $6 billion in private equity investments.

Wexford employs more than 50 people, including 29 investment professionals.



Launched in 1994

Greenwich, CT

$9.3 B AUM


Wexford Capital relies on the ECI's Private Cloud platform to deliver premiere services such as EMCS, ECI's managed cloud solution, and ECI's Managed Infrastructure. EMCS is a fully managed IT solution that merges a highly secure infrastructure with key business applications and professional IT management. ECI's Managed Infrastructure is ideal for hosting the custom or off-the-shelf applications used by the financial industry. 


How ECI's Private Cloud Benefits Wexford Capital


Wexford Capital selected ECI’s EMCS cloud platform due to the company’s excellent customer service, best of breed technology and multifaceted suite of services we have built within the cloud. EMCS is a fully managed IT solution that couples essential business applications with a highly secure infrastructure.

Key features of the platform that appealed to Wexford Capital include, but are not limited to: 

  • Highly redundant IT infrastructure that is professionally managed and monitored 24x7x365;
  • Multiple security layers that include 24x7 Intrusion Detection and Prevention monitoring;
  • Varonis’ tools for enterprise-class file sharing, synchronization and data governance capabilities; and 
  • Built-in disaster recovery to ensure the business continues to prosper in the event of an outage.

ECI's Private Cloud is the ideal solution for Wexford Capital because it allows the company to scale seamlessly. 


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