New York-based Investment Manager, Tiedemann Investment Group, Continues to Align IT to Strategic Direction over 20+ years Partnership with ECI


Established New York-based investment management firm, Tiedemann Investment Group, partnered with ECI to share the responsibility of decisions around their IT and infrastructure, in 1999. Over the years, the firm has worked closely with a dedicated client technology management team to align IT to the overall goals and strategic direction of the firm, ensuring everything is in place for maximum operating efficiency.


Investment Management

Launched in 1980

New York City

+$3 billion


About Tiedemann Investment Group

Founded in 1980 by Carl H. Tiedemann, Tiedemann Investment Group is engaged in the active management of alternative investment strategies and their underlying businesses. Tiedemann Investment Group partners with experienced and talented portfolio managers who we believe have proven and repeatable investment processes.

ECI supports the full team at Tiedemann Investment Group, which comprises of under 40 users, based in New York.  

 "The team at ECI are truly experts in what they do, with many IT projects seamlessly delivered over the years. Our recent migration to Microsoft Office 365 is a key example of the team’s cloud expertise and exceptional client service.

In particular, the service we have received this year has been second to none. ECI’s team of experts have worked as an extension to our business, and together we have leveraged the power of technology to boost employee productivity, in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic”, said Mr John Carbine, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Tiedemann Investment Group.



 “In a partnership spanning over 20 years with ECI, the Tiedemann Investment Group has grown immensely from one billion to six billion dollars in assets. Technology has played a key role in our strategy for success. From starting out on Windows NT4 and an on-premise model in 1999, to leveraging the public cloud today, we continue to work with our dedicated eci Client Technology Management team to align IT to our corporate goals".


- John Carbine, Chief Technology Officer, Tiedemann Investment Group 


How eci Has Helped: From Migration to the Public Cloud to Expert IT Helpdesk Support.


 Like most businesses in 2020, Tiedemann Investment Group shifted to a remote working model due to the unprecedented spread of the Coronavirus global pandemic. As a first step, ECI increased resources to support the firm with meeting new scalability requirements, ensuring their Citrix environment efficiently enabled remote connectivity for all users. 

The investment management firm then explored options for better scalability with dedicated ECI cloud experts, and ultimately decided to migrate to ECI's Managed Cloud. And, leveraged Microsoft’s public cloud tools to power business productivity, collaboration and mobility whilst adapting to the new virtual reality that 2020 posed.

Weekly meetings were held in the lead up to the migration, with the client and internally at ECI, with involvement from members of the senior management team, including ECI’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Customer Officer.

Additionally, to ensure a seamless transition from existing to new services, ECI hosted open forum demo sessions with Q&A, for the firm and its employees. This was especially useful in supporting the migration from Tiedemann Investment Group’s existing office communicator, Slack, to Microsoft Teams. As with any migration, the dedicated ECI client technology management team were on hand in the lead up, during and post migration, to work through any concerns or problems.

Today, the firm benefits from reliable email and archiving solutions. As well as the use of tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams as part of the Office 365 platform, powering real-time interactions and project collaboration for its user base, from anywhere.

In addition to ECI's Managed Cloud, Tiedemann Investment Group leverages ECINet for reliable connectivity in the cloud and has Disaster Recovery in place to maintain a secure and robust industry profile. 


Future Plans


Phase two of Tiedemann Investment Group’s migration to the public cloud with ECI involves moving all utilised servers to Microsoft Azure. Planning is currently underway for this project.

Moving to an ‘always on VPN model’ is also on the IT roadmap for Tiedemann Investment Group in the near future, to ensure hassle-free connectivity from anywhere. 


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