European Investment Management Firm, Eleva Capital, Partners with Eze Castle Integration for Complete IT Support across Paris and London 


Eleva Capital's founding members had a clear vision of the infrastructure model and levels of support needed to help the start-up firm hit the ground running with investment management. After meeting the Eze Castle Integration team at industry events and learning of their experience and range of IT solutions tailored to the financial services sector, Eleva Capital chose Eze Castle Integration as their IT partner. Today, the firm leverages a complete suite of bespoke IT services ranging from the Eze Private Cloud to Eze Vault and Archive, ECINet and project technology management services. 


Investment Management

Launched in 2014

London & Paris

£4bn AUM


About Eleva Capital 

Eleva Capital founded in 2014 by Eric Bendahan. The independent investment manager is authorised and regulated by the AMF and FCA. The talent and expertise of the firm is 100% focused on actively investing in European equities. Eleva Capital implements a unique and disciplined philosophy which has developed through founder Eric's wealth of experience and constitutes an original angle on stock-picking. The firm is proud of its independence and looks to differentiate through performance, client proximity and integrity. In addition, Eleva Capital has a long-term, innovative and industry-leading partnership with UNICEF, donating 10% of the firm's profits to the charity via the Eleva Foundation. 

Eleva Capital employs over 25 investment professionals across its offices in Paris and London.  

"From the start, we were aware that a firm of our size will lack the expertise and bandwidth to run IT in-house while trying to launch a successful new business. We had considered a few different managed services providers, but it was a combination of Eze Castle Integration's vast experience, global view and presence, and market reputation of a quality service provider that cemented our decision to handover the responsibility of IT into their capable hands.

The overall service we receive from Eze Castle Integration has always been consistent. Their engineers are truly a part of our team, as we have worked closely with them on several projects over the years. The team facilitated a huge project for us in 2017. We had the support of project managers and engineers with the relocation of our London office, as well as with building out a second, larger office in Paris. We relied on strategic oversight from Eze Castle Integration for everything from the layout of desks to selecting the right air conditioning and data cabinets to build a secure and resilient Comms. Room to store our hardware. In addition to this, the project management team handled all communications with local French contractors on our behalf, so we had one less thing to worry about.

Moreover, the entire project was managed from London with only two visits prior to the move. And, being mindful of any downtime, Eze Castle Integration set up all equipment in the new Paris office over a weekend, with everything up and running on Monday morning".



"Smooth and timely delivery of projects like these remind us that we are always in a safe pair of hands with Eze Castle Integration".

- Andrea Morrall, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Eleva Capital  



How Eze Castle Integration Has Helped: From the Eze Managed Suite to Eze Archive and Eze Vault, to ECINet Services and Project Management Support.


Eleva Capital chose to leverage the Eze Private Cloud to maximise efficiency, enabling the firm's users to securely access email, files and data from one place. As part of the Eze Managed Suite private cloud platform, the investment management firm benefits from a fully-managed infrastructure that provides flexibility and simplified IT solutions catered specifically for the financial services sector. The suite of solutions comes with deep security protections and disaster recovery practices in place. Plus, an IT helpdesk is on hand around the clock to help users in Paris and London with real time responses, 365 days a year.

Eleva Capital is covered against data loss with a highly reliable data backup and recovery solution, the Eze Vault. This service is fully automated and works by securely transferring data to a remote data centre where it can be covered or restored quickly. For an added measure of data recovery, Eleva Capital uses Eze Archive to ensure secure and efficient archival and retention of all emails and instant messages.

ECINet complements other services used by Eleva Capital, by delivering highly secure and redundant internet communications and direct cloud connectivity between users, across offices in Paris and London. 

In addition to these solutions, working closely with Eze Castle Integration's Project Management team, the investment firm has successfully relocated offices in London, and expanded operations to a second office in Paris. 

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