EOSE Maintain Business as Usual Amidst

Global Pandemic with Cloud Infrastructure


Newly launched financial data sales firm, EOSE, decided to partner with Eze Castle Integration in 2019, to securely move its operations to the cloud and leverage the support of an expert IT partner to secure the firm's remote workplace setup.



Financial Services


 Launched in 2018




    London & Spain




About EOSE

EOSE specialises in providing a flexible, modern approach to commoditising data assets. The firm serves established data providers in need of additional support, as well as those setting up their data business from scratch. EOSE's team of data product development and sales experts are located across the UK and Spain. As a small team of less than ten users, EOSE initially relied on other email providers and cloud servers to share files. Due to the nature of the business and classified information being accessed by its remote users, EOSE decided to seek a trusted IT partner to help migrate its operations to the cloud, as well as to provide security consultancy around doing so in the safest manner.

"As our business and client base grew, it became a top priority to ensure all data continues to be safely stored and accessed by employees, especially so due to our remote setup.

Maintaining a reputable and secure industry profile is highly important to EOSE's success, therefore we decided to partner with Eze Castle Integration and hand over the responsibility of securely hosting our files and emails in the cloud.

Today, we operate our business knowing we are well protected against security breaches and data compromise. Since migrating to the cloud, we have also benefitted from the seamless connectivity offered by Eze Managed Cloud solution, when it comes to file storage and sharing. It is great to be able to work on documents as team - in real time, whilst knowing that this is being facilitated in a secure environment monitored by Eze experts. It certainly boosts your efficiency as an organisation", said Suzanne Lock, CEO at EOSE.



"We are glad to have migrated to the cloud when we did. EOSE was able to continue with daily operations through the pandemic as usual, due to already having a solid virtual infrastructure in place. We have also had Eze DR and Archiving solutions in place from the start of our partnership with Eze Castle Integration, which was advised to us as a precautionary measure against unplanned events and disruptions.


And, despite the changes in levels of bandwidth Eze Castle Integration might have faced due to the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, it is commendable that their standard of service and solutions delivered remained unaffected", added Ms Lock, CEO at EOSE.



How Eze Castle Integration Has Helped: From Migration to the Eze Managed Cloud to Expert IT Helpdesk Support and Eze DR and Archiving.


Partnership with Eze Castle Integration has enabled EOSE to securely move its operations, files and emails to the cloud. The cloud infrastructure fully supports the firm's remote working setup, both from a connectivity and collaboration and security standpoint. The firm's users collaborate on projects which involve sharing sensitive data knowing they are doing so in a secure and controlled virtual environment. 

EOSE relies on Eze Castle Integration's IT support helpdesk for expert advice and solutions to any problems they have. And, with Eze DR and Eze Archiving in place, the firm can count on these business continuity preparedness solutions should disaster strike.  


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