Chicago Hedge Fund Selects Eze Castle Integration
to Handle Its Application Hosting Needs


A growing Chicago-based hedge fund set out to analyze its technology systems and identify potential areas for enhancement and operational improvements. To aid in this process, the chief technology officer (CTO) of the firm’s parent fund called in representatives from Eze Castle Integration to discuss the existing technology infrastructure in use at the firm

After initial discussions, it was determined that the fund required a reputable, dependable service provider to host its Order Management System (OMS). The fund’s management team wanted an application hosting provider with extensive expertise in hosting BNY ConvergEx’s Eze OMS. As an official Certified Hosting Partner of this solution, the firm became highly interested in working with Eze Castle Integration on this project.



Hedge Fund

Chicago, IL

$300M AUM

The Hedge Fund's Needs & Expectations

With 10 employees and just under $300 million in AUM, the hedge fund sought an application hosting provider that could supply both a scalable, dynamic infrastructure and world-class expertise to support the application infrastructure once in place. Excelling in both of these areas, Eze Castle Integration quickly became a top candidate for the deal and the favorite amongst the three IT providers competing.

During the proposal process, the hedge fund made it clear that rapid turnaround time on requests was essential. To showcase Eze Castle Integration’s responsiveness and ability to exceed expectations, representatives from across the company worked together to provide a competitive proposal that met the hedge fund’s requirements


The Requirements

The hedge fund desired to outsource management of its OMS to a third-party hosting provider to achieve cost-savings, simplify infrastructure management and ensure high availability of the application. The firm was looking for a hosting solution that offered:

A resilient and robust infrastructure that included a N+1 configuration to ensure:

  • Redundancy throughout every aspect of the environment;
  • Scalability and flexibility to accommodate changes as well as to enable business growth;
  • Performance equal to or better than what could be provided in-house; and
  • Expert management and maintenance to ensure the application was available 24x7x365 and always running on the latest technologies.

There was one additional unique factor to be addressed. Since the firm already had FIX connectivity in place to facilitate electronic trading, additional work was required to incorporate this connectivity into the new hosting environment. The Eze Castle Communications team was brought in to help address this challenge, and a solution was soon created to meet the firm’s specifications.


The Outcomes

Ultimately, the client selected Eze Castle Integration to host its order management system. Eze Castle Integration demonstrated that its solutions and services were a best fit to meet the growing -hedge fund’s needs and were superior to competing solutions.

Eze Castle Integration’s hosting and engineering teams configured the servers in a timely manner and worked closely with representatives at the OMS vendor to deploy the application. Today, the client is 100% satisfied with its decision to outsource application management to the experts – Eze Castle Integration.


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