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Eze Castle at SIFMA 2010: Part II of our HOT PICKS!

By Wendy Roberts,
Friday, June 11th, 2010

Welcome back! As I mentioned last week, Eze Castle will be exhibiting at the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Expo in New York City Hot Picksfrom June 22-24. We'll be in a new location this year, Booth 1861, where we'll be playing Wii, raffling off an iPad, and answering conference attendees' questions about our extensive services and solutions. This year, we're anticipating industry leaders like ourselves to delve into the newest technologies that will make life a bit easier for financial firms facing regulations in the coming months/ years. I’ve reviewed the agenda and have selected a few HOT PICKS for our devoted Hedge IT readers to check out at the event.  Today I'll be talking about Cloud Computing and Business Continuity Planning.  Let's get going:

Cloud Computing

You don't have to be a tech geek to have heard about cloud computing - these days, anyone using the internet (and isn't that everyone?!?) is most likely using cloud computing in one form or another.  Popularized by Software as a Service (SaaS) sites like Salesforce.com or Google Docs, cloud computing offers products and services to the end user in an economical (sometimes free!) and easily accessible format.  Most recently, software companies have begun offering their enterprise-level solution through the cloud to businesses.  The advantages are both immediate and long-term: no need to purchase expensive servers or manage and maintain them over time, and updates are sent seamlessly through the cloud directly to the end user.  In the past these solutions were extremely attractive for very large institutions, particularly hospitals and universities.  However, cloud computing has become more and more attractive to businesses of all sizes who require professional level services - even if they have only a handful of employees.

Here at Eze Castle, our products teams have carefully evaluated our offerings which would be a good fit for cloud computing.  Through our suite of Managed Services - including  Eze Managed Suites, and Eze DR, we can provide easy access to leading hedge fund technology and applications.  Managed Services clients can depend on professional management with minimal upfront costs, scalability, and positive environmental contributions.

So, how does this all tie into SIFMA, you ask?  Why not check out my first three HOT PICKS

Cloud Computing - Toward a Financial Services Marketplace: It’s been a challenging time for the finance industry, changes in regulation, employment trends, risk assessment, innovation, the use of financial instruments, corporate policy, are all changing the landscape and the nature of the services provided by Buy Side, Sell Side and Service Providers firms. Microsoft will share its view on the future of global Capital Markets services and how technology is evolving to enable a cloud based infrastructure that will extend beyond the pure computing power towards supporting financial and analytic services in a marketplace-like type environment.

Debunking Cloud Security Myths: Myths with respect to cloud security range from “it is impossible” to “it can be done using this checklist.” This panel will explore innovative cloud management and engineering strategies. Examples of discussion topics will be network-friendly cloud security policies, reusable virtual components, and ubiquitous identity and access.

Market Data From the Clouds: Cloud computing promises to slash technology development costs for applications that use market data while accelerating development time, boosting performance and ensuring scalability. But where are the pitfalls? How should you navigate around them? And how can you be sure your department and your customers will realize the benefits you expect from Cloud Computing? In short, how is Cloud Computing already changing the landscape of market data delivery, and how can you not just survive the change, but thrive from it? Join us for a thought provoking panel exploring answers to these questions and more. Hear about the real world experiences of three firms who have undertaken major Cloud Computing initiatives.

Business Continuity Planning

The right disaster recovery solution can protect your hedge fund’s data and reputation, instill confidence with investors and deliver a competitive advantage.  It is often a primary reason that a new prospect or client will contact Eze Castle.  However, there is more to your firm's security than just protecting data - without the right procedure in place to protect your company's people, operations, and processes, your DR plan can fall short.  Our proven BCP Methodology helps minimize the uncertainty of potential business disruptions by creating a framework to maintain and recover business processes should a disruption occur. Today, many hedge fund investors view a Business Continuity Plan as a prerequisite to capital allocation.

Make sure you download and read these free resources at ECI's Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Knowledge Center before heading into our next two HOT PICKS!

Next Generation Business Continuity - New Paradigm or Same Old Same Old? Corporate living wills, funeral plans, no it's not life insurance. These are terms BCP professionals will hear much more about in the near future. Climate change, will it have any impact on business continuity planning? Major automotive recalls, sports stars’ with tarnished images, could your firm survive a reputation meltdown? We are seeing massive social, political, cultural and climatic changes all around us. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook provide instant news anywhere in the world. And even when you think that everything that could be invented has been, the iPad appears. So how does business continuity factor into these massive changes? Where does BCM go from here? Does anyone care? Maybe it's time to start thinking of business continuity outside the box. Come hear a distinguished panel discuss issues not previously thought of as part of BCP or BCM.

Coordinating BCP and Cyber Event Response: Cyber events are not only becoming more frequent but there is a growing possibility that they may disrupt business functions. When an organization must respond to an actual business disruption caused by a cyber event, Business Continuity and Cyber Security can have connecting responsibilities. This session explores the link between cyber event response and business continuity response and highlights how the business continuity and cyber security groups can collaborate to enhance the recovery process.

You should be well prepared now for SIFMA - we look forward to hearing from you in the Comments Section below.  Be sure to check in with us after the event too. 

Thanks for reading!

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