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Employee Appreciation Day: One Mission's Kids with Cancer Buzz-Off

By Amanda Daly,
Thursday, February 28th, 2019

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day tomorrow, March 1, Eze Castle Integration sat down with Dave Wilcox, Service Director- Northeast Region, of Eze Castle Integration for an interview on his experience with One Mission’s Kids with Cancer Buzz-Off

Dave Wilcox has been involved with the One Mission Kids with Cancer Buzz-Off since 2013 so we sat down with him to get an insight on his experience. The money One Mission raises goes exclusively to their 40+ programs and services that are offered at their three partner hospitals; Boston Children’s Hospital, The Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana-Farber, and Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The one mission of One Mission is to do whatever it takes to get kids through cancer, and they accomplish this by focusing on the day-to-day needs of patients and families that people and charities often overlook as non-essential. One Mission feels very strongly, however, that it’s the little things that get kids and families through the darkest days of their lives. Programs such as birthday parties, decorated hospital rooms, yoga, catered meals, and parking passes are exactly the “small” things that turn a horrible, stressful day into one with smiles and memories. One Mission funds no cancer research at all.

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How Strong is Your Human Firewall? Best Practices for Phishing Readiness + Webinar Replay

By Amanda Daly,
Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

A report by leading global researcher, Gartner, found that 91% of all cyber attacks start with phishing. This reinforces the argument that human error is perhaps the weakest link in the security chain of any organization. In our most recent webinar, we illustrate the value of investing time and money to make employees your strongest security asset.  


Social Engineering: The art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information

Phishing: Typically through email, but can also be via telephone or other communications where a user is tricked into browsing a malicious URL designed to appear like a site they trust, or provided with other fabricated content such as an attachment containing malware

Continue reading for a recap of the webinar.

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Secrets to Operational Due Diligence Breakfast Seminar Roundup

By Amisha Shah,
Thursday, February 21st, 2019

In today’s investor landscape, operational due diligence (ODD) can eliminate a manager from consideration, regardless of a positive investment management analysis. With ODD teams increasingly using this veto-power in the decision-making process, it is important for asset managers to be cognizant and well-prepared for thorough operational due diligence tests.

Together, leading accountancy and advisory firm, EisnerAmper, and trusted global provider of managed IT services, Eze Castle Integration, hosted a breakfast seminar to share secrets to operational due diligence excellence with investment firms, in London last week.

Today’s blog article will round-up the technology considerations concerning ODD, covered at the event by Dean Hill, Executive Director at Eze Castle Integration.

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A Risk-Averse Approach to Securing the Cloud

By Amanda Daly,
Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

This article is featured in AIMA - The Alternative Investment Management Association's latest journal

A Risk-Free Approach to Securing the Cloud

Cloud products continue to evolve as adoption has increased rapidly over recent years. Top vendors such as Microsoft offer feature-rich cloud platforms, with transformational potentials for the global workforce. However, due to the perceived data security risks accompanying cloud usage,there are still many firms that have decided against ‘going cloud’. A report on cloud security published by Crowd Research Partners in 2018 highlights that 91% of cybersecurity professionals share these concerns. Fears around cloud security are not uncommon, and, unfortunately these fears do have a basis. An estimated 25% of public cloud users have suffered data loss, as per security software company McAfee’s ‘Navigating a Cloudy Sky 2018’ report. All things considered, businesses are still encouraged to leverage a cloud-based platform to accelerate the modernisation of their IT. And, trust that with a strong security net in place, applications and assets stored on these solutions can effectively be protected. Businesses are advised to embrace the following cloud data security best practices to secure their network.

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Do You Love Your Security Attitude?

By Eze Castle Integration,
Thursday, February 14th, 2019

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s that there’s a whole lot more to creating a secure investment firm than robust technology. Before identifying infrastructure components and implementing operational policies, a firm must first be clear on what its attitude is toward security. This attitude will filter through the company from the top down, and will therefore dictate how employees and the business as a whole operate on a daily basis.
To give you a clearer understanding of what we mean, we’ve created three security profiles that cover a wide spectrum in terms of security attitudes and practices.

Under the Radar: Low Security

If you’re attitude toward security is low, odds are you’re barely scraping the surface in terms of what practices and policies you should be employing to maintain proper security firm-wide. You likely rely on quick fixes to solve problems instead of looking at the bigger picture and thinking strategically about how security can both benefit and protect your business. You’ve employed minimal preparedness efforts and could be in for a difficult task if faced with a serious security incident. You probably take a “it won’t happen to me” attitude and don’t take security seriously enough – a stance that could endanger your firm in the long term.


You can also check out our latest Whitepaper on the required safeguards for 2019  and how to pursue a "security-first" posture.

Security Defined: Required Safeguards for 2019

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How to Keep Your Data Safe During the Tax Season

By Amanda Daly,
Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Now that tax season is upon us, and the tax deadline is approaching (April 15th for the US and April 30th for Canada), hackers are dusting off their tax scams to trick consumers. Social engineering tools, like phishing, are becoming more and more sophisticated – especially with the ever-changing technology.  

These fraudulent emails (and phone calls too) appear legitimate and take advantage of those who are often too busy or are simply unprepared to identify a scam.

The IRS is reminding people to remember that “the IRS doesn't initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. In addition, IRS does not threaten taxpayers with lawsuits, imprisonment or other enforcement action.”

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Happy Chinese New Year

By Kulvinder Gill,
Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Wishing all our clients, partners, friends and colleagues a healthy, happy & successful Chinese New Year!

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