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Mobile Voice Recording: Meeting UK Hedge Fund Regulations Update

By Kulvinder Gill,
Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The FSA is removing the exemption for recording of mobile phones. This article explores mobile recording technology hedge funds can use to be compliant.

Following our earlier post on UK Hedge Fund Regulations, today’s blog explores mobile recording technology so you can confidently choose the best technology solution and achieve compliance with the new Financial Services Authority (FSA) requirements.  

Let’s start by recapping on the new FSA requirements for mobile recording:

  • In 2010 the FSA decided to remove the current exemption for the recording of mobile phones from its Code of Business Sourcebook (COBS 11.8 taping rules).

  • Compliance deadline: 14th November 2011

  • Record  all ‘relevant’ telephone conversations and all electronic communications on firm-issued mobile devices and store these recordings for 6 months in a format that cannot be alternated and the FSA can have easy access

  • Take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent ‘relevant’ conversations on unrecorded private mobile devices

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What to Expect from a Help Desk: Eze Help Desk FAQs

By Dina Ferriero,
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Eze Castle Help Desk TeamOver the past few weeks, we have been hard at work putting together our submission for this year’s Help Desk Institute Team Excellence Awards. These awards honor top Help Desk teams that consistently demonstrate excellence in customer service and support, focusing specifically on the people, processes, and technologies of the teams.

In talking with our Help Desk leaders, specifically Dan Kummer (our Director of Help Desk Services) and Andre Chinkan (Associate Director), we identified a number of questions they hear repeatedly from our clients regarding what to expect when working with the Desk. So, to help clear some of these up, we’ve put together a set of Help Desk FAQs.

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Colocation 101 Plus Five Questions to Ask Colo Providers

By Dina Ferriero,
Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Cloud computing is increasingly dominating the conversation in hedge fund and alternative investment technology, but it isn't right for everybody. Some firms like the idea of keeping bulky equipment off-site but don't want to turn over complete control of services to a third-party.Colocation 101Colocation can offer a happy medium-- multiple firms can share an off-site, centralized data center that houses their critical networking, storage, processing and communications equipment.

There are a number of advantages associated with colocation for hedge funds and other investment firms. For starters, a colocation facility provides data protection and business continuity services, such as redundant power and cooling, fire suppression systems and security at all entry points. These added safeguards are especially compelling for funds that are located in dense urban areas, where commercial rent is high and offices are vulnerable to accidents or security breaches.

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Preparing for a Disaster: Is Your Hedge Fund Technology Up to Par?

By Kaleigh Alessandro,
Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

This year, we’ve seen disasters of all kinds: snowstorms and blizzards, tornadoes and earthquakes, hurricanes and heat waves. They have their own motives and destruction paths, but each can be equally disruptive to investment firms and their daily operations. Disaster recovery solutions and business continuity plans are important tools to help firms prepare for these types of disaster situations, but without the proper education, their effectiveness is suspect.Disaster Preparedness for Hedge Funds

To talk through some of these issues, we recently held a webinar featuring experts from Ridgefield Capital, Morgan Stanley and Eze Castle. Take a look at our recap below. To listen to the full event recording, click here.

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Are Managed Services Right for Your UK Hedge Fund?

By Kulvinder Gill,
Thursday, October 6th, 2011

On October 26th, Eze Castle Integration will be hosting a breakfast seminar in London looking at Trends in Managed Services for Hedge Funds. The seminar will be hosted by Simon Eyre, Service Director at Eze Castle, and Andrew Kaufmann, European Business Development Manager at Viteos.

In preparation for the seminar, we will be reviewing the current trends in the UK hedge fund market in this article.

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What the New iPhone Means for You

By Jason Lisnak,
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Today Apple had yet another one of their annual keynotes which began with a 45 minute repeat of the last one – announcing two new services, Cards and Find My Friends.

  • Cards is a new app for creating and sending greeting cards via the mail.

  • Find My Friends is a cool service that allows you to see the location of your friends, if they choose to share such information via their iPhone. This app will be great for those of us with kids who want to know where they are and keep a close eye on them. An added benefit is that it has enough parental controls to prevent iStalking.

From there, Apple announced iOS 5, which will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Wednesday, October 12. Some of the more noteworthy new features coming from iOS 5 include Reminders and the updated Safari and Mail apps.

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