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An IPv6 Update: Are You Prepared?

By Kaleigh Brousseau,
Thursday, February 24th, 2011

By now, you must have heard – we’re running out of Internet addresses! Don’t panic, though. Despite some beliefs, this transitional period does not mark the end of the world…or the end of the Internet. It merely opens the door to a new set of Internet subscribers.

Since the inception of the Internet, we have been using IPv4, which totals about 4.3 billion Internet addresses. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But with the increasing number of wireless technologies that support the Internet (smart phones, tablet devices, etc.), these addresses have begun to deplete. 

At the beginning of February, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) announced it had allocated the remaining free blocks of IPv4 address space to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

Each of these blocks contains about 16.7 million addresses, which are expected to be assigned to various carriers by the end of 2011. There are some security concerns surrounding the depletion of IPv4 addresses, but mostly due to the unknown nature of the newest Internet Protocol - IPv6.

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In Support of Hedge Funds Care – Help Us, Help Them

By Mary Beth Hamilton,
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The goal of Hedge IT is to provide insights and information on the technology and operations that power hedge funds and alternative investment firms. Therefore as a rule, we avoid self-centered articles and aim to be a real source of advice and guidance.

Today, we are breaking this rule and for a good reason – to support Hedge Funds Care, an international charity whose sole mission is preventing and treating child abuse.

In 2011, Eze Castle Integration is a Hedge Funds Care Global Sponsor and we are proud to have members on the East Coast and Northeast 2011 Committee of Hearts.  To further support Hedge Funds Care, we are running a fundraiser where we will donate $1.00 to Hedge Funds Care for every new “like” we get on Facebook between February 14, 2011 and March 11, 2011.

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Technology Considerations for a Hedge Fund Launch: Insights from our Recent Webinar Part 3

By Dina Ferriero,
Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Last week, we hosted a webinar in which our thrlaunching a hedge fund webcastee experts discussed various factors that managers should keep in mind when starting a hedge fund. During our webcast, Launching a Hedge Fund: Legal, Financing & Technology Considerations for 2011, we heard from Sam Stock of Goldman Sachs on the financing aspect of a hedge fund launch as well as Gus Black of Dechert LLC, who shared insights regarding legal factors involved in the launch process.

Our final speaker, Serge Bukhar of Eze Castle Integration, talked about the technology aspects of a hedge fund launch. The following is an excerpt from his presentation on the topic.

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Legal Considerations for Launching a Hedge Fund: Insights from our Recent Webinar Part 2

By Dina Ferriero,
Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

calculationsLast week, we hosted a webinar on Launching a Hedge Fund: Legal, Financing & Technology Considerations for 2011. We spoke with some prominent industry experts regarding a variety of factors that managers should keep in mind when starting a hedge fund.

In Part 1 of this series, we took a look back at some insights from Sam Stock of Goldman Sachs on the financing aspect of a hedge fund launch. Today, we’ll discuss some important points that were raised by Gus Black of Dechert LLC during the webinar regarding legal factors involved in the launch process.

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Launching a Hedge Fund: Insights from our Recent Webinar

By Dina Ferriero,
Thursday, February 10th, 2011

2011 is off to a tremendous start in terms of hedge fund launches, so we feel it is important that we highlight some key steps firms can take to ensure their launch is successful. Therefore, earlier this week, we heard from some prominent experts on the topic in our webinar, Launching a Hedge Fund: Legal, Financing & Technology Considerations for 2011.

Speaking of our experts, let’s take a brief moment to introduce them.

  • Our first speaker was Sam Stock, Executive Director of Goldman Sachs’ Prime Brokerage in London. Sam joined the Prime Brokerage division back in 2000 and set up their Property and Technology arm of Consulting Services in the U.K. Prior to that, Sam held various roles in Goldman’s Equities Division.

  • Our second speaker for the event was Gus Black, Partner at Dechert in London. Gus’s practice focuses on investment funds, asset management, corporate and commercial transactions in the financial services sector, and general U.K. financial services regulation.

  • Our final speaker was Serge Bukhar, Executive Director of International Operations for Eze Castle Integration. Serge is responsible for overseeing Eze Castle’s three international offices in London, Singapore and Geneva and managing a talented team of customer service and engineering professionals.

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Determining Your Storage Design Requirements

By Dan Long,
Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Whether you are launching a new hedge fund, looking to optimize your existing fund operations, or simply evaluating your current technology environment, storage options are something you’ll want to take a close look at. Whether it is a traditional server-based storage solution, a virtualized solution utilizing the Cloud, or another product, you’ll want to cover your bases.

We’ve outlined six key considerations for selecting the right storage design for your firm:

1. Capacity

First and foremost, you’ll need to understand your storage capacity requirements in order to determine what the best solution is for your fund. Will a particular storage design enable you to reduce your capacity requirements? Will it increase them? If you’re an established fund, consider your current storage requirements, as well as how they may evolve in the near future. You want a solution that will scale with your firm.

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Multitasking: Tips for Managing Project Overload Part 2

By Demetrios Gianniris,
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Earlier this week, we shared some helpful tips for multitasking when your project management workload seems overwhelming. Since we know that the challenges of juggling several projects simultaneously are ongoing, following are a few additional strategies to help you manage your busy schedule:

Specialize Selectivelymultitasking image

During extremely busy times (especially when you have a lean staff), project resource roles tend to blur. As such, Project Managers usually turn into project secretaries in order to stay on top of project activities and keep things moving (sending dozens of emails, requesting updates, sending reminders, etc). When this happens, don’t forget that your primary responsibility is still to lead and motivate. If necessary, don’t hesitate to rotate team members to different posts and/or move your resources in/out of roles — to the point that it makes sense for your project. Whether you are a Project Manager with a larger team and more specialized staff, or running lean with an “everybody wears many hats” approach, the key is to use your resources where they will be most productive at that particular moment in time.

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Multitasking: Surviving Project Overload (Part One)

By Demetrios Gianniris,
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Modern technology has created a fast-paced, convenient and portable electronic world with high expectations, little patience, and even less tolerance for error. In the fiercely competitive project management arena, more than ever before, project managers are challenged to do more with less:

  • They are challenged to bring in more profit with less overhead;

  • They are challenged to be more productive in less time; and

  • They are challenged to take on more projects with a thinner support mechanism.

In order to meet the demands of the society, project managers are often forced to juggle ten or more ongoing projects simultaneously; projects with various complexities, durations and sizes. Often, project managers handling multiple projects are simply overloaded or frustrated, and some wish for better days (and/or better jobs).

The reality is simply this: Multitasking is a requirement in project management today.

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