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Tips to Attract Hedge Fund Investors

By Wendy Roberts,
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Eze Castle recently hosted a live web event focused on Marketing and Communications - two topics which, up until recently, many managers simply did not associate with hedge fund operations. These days, however, the topic comes up pretty frequently as managers are realizing that hedge fund investors are demanding more of them. And it doesn't end there! The competition for all the capital "out there" is becoming increasingly intense.

The question is, how do you make a hedge fund manager more comfortable in the Sales and Marketing role? Then, once you've landed the capital, how do you communicate effectively with the hedge fund investors? A whole new slew of issues arises here - how, and how often, can a fund communicate with hedge fund investors? How does one do this while staying in compliance with regulations?

In this blog post we'll explore the most salient advice from the webinar around hedge fund communications, marketing, websites and hedge fund CRM systems.

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MA 201 CMR 17 Unique Requirements

By Mary Beth Hamilton,
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

353,387,188. That’s the number of records involved in security breaches in the US since January 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Organization. In reality, we believe that number should be much high because many cases of exposed records are unknown or just not reported.

Just last week the Educational Credit Management Corp in St. Paul, MN reported personal information (names, addresses and social security numbers) for about 3,000,000 borrowers was stolen. It has since been recovered, but who knows how many people copied the data before the physical CDs were found. Security breaches like this have prompted states to enhance their data security protection laws. The law with the most force? Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.

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Preparing a Hedge Fund for Worst Case Scenarios

By Mary Beth Hamilton,
Thursday, April 15th, 2010

We recently shared a panel with Robert Ehinger of Lee-Nolan Associates to discuss handling worst case scenarios and strategies for balancing investor needs and fund capabilities. The setting was Financial Research Associates' Due Diligence Master Class in New York City. Questions from the audience centered on the levels of coverage investors expect funds to have in terms of disaster recovery, insurance (key man) and pandemic planning.

At Eze Castle, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in awareness about business continuity planning and disaster recovery strategies, but too often folks just don’t know where to start or fear the price will be prohibitive. Let's look at those two perceived issues.

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Welcome to Hedge IT

By Mary Beth Hamilton,
Monday, April 12th, 2010

At Eze Castle Integration we've been nearly 100% focused on the hedge fund and alternative investment industry since we started back in 1995. Over the course of these 15 years, much has changed both in technology and in the hedge fund market, but one thing has stayed constant - our commitment to being a thought leader and trusted partner to our clients.

Our company is passionate about two things: Technology & Hedge Fund Operations. So why are we telling you all this? Well, our passion is the catalyst for our new blog, Hedge IT.

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