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Why We Love Technology

By Dina Ferriero | Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Without a doubt, technology has shaped nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today. From the way we communicate with one another to the way we travel from one location to another, to the way we obtain and share information, we are constantly relying on technology to enable our most basic daily activities.

Here at Eze Castle Integration, as in most other organizations, technology plays an integral role in all aspects of our operations. So, in keeping with this week’s nostalgic trend, we asked a few of our employees to reflect on how technology influences their lives and why they love it. Here is what they had to say:

  • "I think first and foremost a reason why I love technology is that by concept, it is intentionally multifaceted. It has a tremendous impact on how you complete anything you are trying to accomplish, whether that be personal or professional. If not for technology, the way we enjoy life would be completely less vivid". - Andre Chinkan, Associate Director, Help Desk Services 

  • "Every day is a new adventure with new technologies constantly evolving and changing the intricacies of the landscape." - Alexandra Bizani, Customer Relationship Manager 

  • "Technology allows you to be more efficient and makes your life easier. Just as it bridges the gap for communicating with people over long distances and in near real time, it also gives you the ability to screen your calls." - Albert Chin, Storage Solutions Architect 

  • "I love that current technology allows us to get access to information from virtually everywhere. I am a very inquisitive person and being able to look up information on the fly is wonderful. I am really into triathlons and road races; technology available now allows you to track your progress as an athlete, find new events, and map out new courses. Training for events is much more fun with all of the tools available.

    The ways that technology has enabled people to interact with friends, family, and colleagues in diverse geographical locations at a low cost is really great. Another aspect of technology that I love is being able to do taxes and pay bills at any time from essentially anywhere (not that paying taxes or bills are fun)." - Holly Plumley, Project Manager, Disaster Recovery 

  • "I love technology because it makes life more efficient. Inefficiencies are a major pet peeve of mine!" - Rob Doyle, Sales Consultant 

  • "Technology makes our lives more convenient and easier. You can search all the information you need online and get all the answers you need. With all the new technologies coming out every day, there’s definitely a product out there that can fulfill your needs. And that’s why I love technology." - Jay Chiang, LAN Engineer 

  • "I have been away from home for almost 10 years, and technology has allowed me to keep in touch with my family and friends back in Bosnia. Thanks to Skype and other video chat options, I was able to meet my youngest nephew who was born after I left home and watch all of them grow into wonderful young adults!" - Munira Okovic, Customer Relationship Manager 

We hope you enjoyed our thoughts on why we love technology! Want to share your ideas on the topic? Leave a comment here or check out our Facebook discussion thread tomorrow!

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