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An Award Winning Help Desk in Action: Eze Castle’s!

By Dina Ferriero | Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we have been hard at work putting together our submission for the upcoming Help Desk Institute (HDI) Team Excellence Awards. Each year, the HDI honors Help Desk teams that have demonstrated outstanding customer service and support. The Team Excellence Award is focused on the people, process, and technology aspects of support centers.

Led by Director Dan Kummer, and Manager Andre Chinkan, the Eze Castle Help Desk team is based in New York City with additional employees located in London as well. The desk handles support calls for our clients worldwide on a 24x7x365 basis, through both remote and on-site engineering services.

In submitting for the HDI Award, we seized the opportunity to spotlight the many extraordinary aspects of our Eze Castle Help Desk Team and to create a video!


Now that you’ve seen the video, here are a few highlights that we think make our help desk great:

  • Our management philosophy on the Desk is highly focused on growing employees both technically and professionally while providing the highest quality of client support. Ensuring that all team members are well-rounded from a technical and client service perspective are our top internal priorities. These are achieved through a variety of feedback mechanisms, maintaining open lines of communication between team members and management, and fostering a healthy environment of friendly competition.

  • Effective teamwork is essential to the success of any Help Desk. At Eze Castle Integration, it is crucial in day-to-day Help Desk operations. In order to build an environment which enables and encourages team work, we created a centralized Help Desk environment. Instead of being divided by cubicles, the team sits next to one another on an open trade desk. This allows for open communication and knowledge sharing throughout the day.

  • Like most outsourced Help Desks, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Eze Castle. We use a number of different methods to obtain and analyze client feedback, as we feel that maintaining a continuous flow of information between our team and our customers is vital in providing superior service.

    We also use advanced technological tools to track a variety of statistics on all Help Desk calls that come in. We review this data on a regular basis to assess the performance of our team and seek ways to improve our client relations.

What to know more about how to grade a help desk? Check out the following articles:

Finally, be sure to visit our webpage to learn more about our Help Desk Services for hedge funds and alternative investment firms.

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