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Introducing Ledgex Systems: A Fund of Fund Software Company

By Kaleigh Brousseau | Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve branched out and launched a new software subsidiary – Ledgex Systems!

The new company is delivering a comprehensive technology platform for fund of hedge funds, private equity firms and pension funds that streamlines the investment management process and fills an unmet market need.

Based on the insights gleaned from working with some of the industry’s leading fund of funds, Ledgex was designed to help investment managers create actionable results that impact their investment portfolios.

The Ledgex platform includes:

  • Ledgex Manager:A comprehensive portfolio management system for investment managers, the Manager module delivers advanced analytics, administration and decision support to manage the investment pipeline and due diligence, estimate tracking and final valuation processes.

  • Ledgex Monitor: A fully customizable investment monitoring system, the Monitor module provides the tools necessary to monitor and track firm-defined fund attributes for detailed analysis, fund attribution and transparency reporting.

  • Ledgex Alerts:An integrated enterprise alerting engine, the Alerts module enables individuals or groups at a firm to monitor internal and external activity, content, business data and relevant industry information.

  • Ledgex Investor Relationship Management (IRM):The IRM module is a workflow tool for managing quantitative and qualitative data for a firm’s investors and hedge fund or private equity interests.

Would you like more information on Ledgex Systems? Want to schedule a demo? Click here.

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