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Reaching New Cloud Computing Milestones, 30 Apps and Counting

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

We are reaching a point in technology evolution where everything is moving into the cloud. No longer is it necessary, or in many cases wise, for a firm to purchase and maintain all its technology infrastructure and applications onsite. As evidenced by Opalesque’s article this week on cloud computing gaining the attention of financial industry, cloud computing is going mainstream.

This week Eze Castle Integration also announced that we have run over 30 applications in our hosted infrastructure – a milestone that demonstrates the increasing tendency of financial firms towards application hosting in the cloud. The beauty of application hosting or infrastructure as a service models is that it allows a hedge fund to outsource non-revenue producing functions to outside experts rather than attempting to build the expertise in house.

A hedge fund expects an application to run reliably, securely and with high performance – as a general rule, they don’t care about the underlying technology as long as it meets their business requirements. By working with an established hedge fund service provider, like Eze Castle Integration, a hedge fund should be able to trust that they are receiving the best possible solutions based on their unique requirements.

What types of applications are being hosted?

Today, everything from order management systems to basic business applications are leveraging cloud services. Eze Castle Integration is a recommended hosting provider for ConvergEx Group’s Eze OMS, which we currently host for a number of clients.  Business-focused applications delivered via our Eze Cloud infrastructure as a service offering include Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and Peachtree.

The possibilities of how a hedge fund can benefit from cloud computing are numerous. To help firms become comfortable with cloud computing and infrastructure as service models, we have written an eBook looking at the topic.  Read it now.

 cloud computing ebook

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