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Opalesque Radio: Answering Fund Operational Challenges

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

This week Opalesque Radio featured an interview with Bob Guilbert, managing director here at Eze Castle Integration, on addressing operational challenges facing hedge funds with cloud solutions.

The 9:30-minute podcast covers a range of topics. You can listen to the full podcast HERE, just jump to the sub-features that interest you most below.

Hedge Fund Differentiation & the Cloud

Can you tell us something about the hedge fund clients you service and the kinds of challenges they are confronted with today? How can such hedge funds differentiate themselves? What are the business needs that make such hedge funds consider or switch to cloud-based solutions?


Duration: 02:39

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Cloud Adoption Rates

So how has Eze Castle seen the rate of cloud adoption increase over the last few years? What are the different ways in which cloud-based solutions can be used? 

Duration: 01:18

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Public, Private or Hybrid

Are hedge funds primarily using public, private or hybrid clouds? 

Duration: 00:32

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Hot Topics: DR, BCP and Security

How can hedge funds achieve improved disaster recovery and business continuity? What level of security does it, and can it, offer in the context of cybercrime? 

Duration: 02:33

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Cloud Security?

Based on your survey findings, security is identifiable as a primary reason for hedge funds to embrace the private cloud. What sort of security practices should firms be looking to put in place, or expect from their service providers? 

Duration: 01:23

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The Future of Hedge Fund IT?

How are you expecting hedge fund service related technology to evolve? Will cloud-based services still be the technology-of-choice for investment firms?

Duration: 01:03  

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Hedge Fund Cloud Adoption Survey Report 2013

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