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Software Spotlight: Five Questions with Ledgex Director Brian Macallister

By Emma Howie | Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

We are happy to announce that our friends over at Ledgex have just launched their new website. In light of their recent achievement, I sat down with their Managing Director Brian Macallister to pick his brain on who Ledgex is and where he sees the company going in the future. Brian is the chief architect and product visionary of the Ledgex platform and is responsible for leading the company’s engineering, support and client service teams.Brian Macallister, Managing Director at Ledgex
Q: It has been a while since we covered Ledgex on Hedge IT. Four readers not familiar with Ledgex, can you give us your elevator pitch?

A: Ledgex provides a portfolio management system for managers who invest with multi-firms. It delivers key functionality that supports portfolio management, investor relations and manager research for firms that invest with other managers. Through a series of intensive processes we make our clients’ data repeatable to improve integrity, increase efficiency, and reduce error. We have produced a unique enterprise reporting platform and process management system tailor-made for the financial industry.

Q: Who are the primary users of Ledgex?

A: Our primary users are within the portfolio management teams of firms such as fund of funds, endowments and pensions. Ledgex has capabilities that are ideal for a variety of end users: liquidity management and portfolio modeling for portfolio managers, manager research, due diligence and document management for analysts, client communication and reporting for client service teams, and trade workflow for operations and back-office teams.

Q: What pain points does Ledgex solve?  Historically, what have firms done to address these pain points?

A: Ledgex addresses numerous pain points across a firm’s portfolio management team. Firms historically were forced to work off of old data, but Ledgex has created a system that supports real-time information, greatly improving data integrity. Ledgex removes the need for data shadow systems and retains data accuracy by gaining increased transparency reporting on the investments fund of funds have exposure to.

With Ledgex, analysts can create a centralized repository for data management, enabling ease of access and sharing of information. Users can quickly generate reports and respond to client requests, as well as manage communications for all investor-facing activities. Ledgex also streamlines trade acitivty and balances by automating a previously manual workflow.
Historically all of these pain points were addressed individually, reducing efficiencies and accuracy and requiring a significant time commitment.

Q: What do the results and return on investment look like for a company that implements Ledgex?Ledgex

A: Companies will see accurate and transparent investment management with Ledgex. They will also see repeatable reports that match each investor’s specific preferences and allow firms to reallocate client service resources to be more productive and efficient, while improving the integrity of data. With Ledgex, you know what you own and where you want to invest – this is paramount in the fund of fund industry. Ledgex allows firms to replace existing systems that are proprietarily built, supported and maintained, which can translate into cost-savings.

Investors will see improved processes and highly efficient and accurate reports that reflect the quality of the fund of fund.  Investors now want to see firms that are invested in new technology, ensuring their information is up-to date. The Ledgex system solves this. It easily removes duplicate entry and manual processes. Too often the same information is entered in multiple times in different systems by different groups. Ledgex solves this by delivering a centralized system that shares information across key portfolio management functional areas.

Q: What can our readers expect to see from Ledgex in the coming months?

A: We are continuing to add some exciting features and expand across the firm, from manager research and analytics to cash projects and estimated investor balances. We are also expanding our sales team as well as opening an office presence in New York City.

We are also very excited about launching our new website. It was an extensive process, and we are enthused to see it up and running. 

Be sure to head over to to check out their brand new website!

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