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Hedge Fund Case Studies: Why The Cloud Made Sense for Two Firms

By Emma Howie | Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Last week, Mary Beth Hamilton and Steve Schoener hosted a webinar to discuss hedge funds moving to the cloud and the experience and benefits that they receive as a result.  During this discussion, they highlighted two client case studies to provide examples of various scenarios that drive firms to use cloud services. 

Case Study #1: OMS Says Hello to the Cloud

Hedge Fund Case Study The first client we discussed was a growing hedge fund based out of Chicago with about 15 employees and $300 million in assets under management.  The firms’ goal was to identify what areas of their technology systems needed improvement. After thorough evaluation, the firm decided they didn’t want to deal with the burden of controlling their own infrastructure and servers and needed the flexibility and resiliency to allow many employees to work remotely.

This fund ultimately decided to leverage the Eze Private Cloud because of its resilient and robust infrastructure, application hosting services, scalability and 24x7x365 support.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the conversation Mary Beth and Steve had about this case study:

MH: What is the migration process like when moving an order management system to the cloud? Will the user experience be the same?

SS: The migration to the cloud is not bad – very similar to updating or upgrading your system.  There will always be a bit of a change for end users, but hopefully by putting in something new or upgrading, you’re adding more functionality.  As for moving to the cloud, we are actually able to make it less risky than doing an upgrade to the office.  For example, we are able to set up a new system, import the data, provide the application over Citrix, and confirm that everyone is on the same page. We can then pick a cut-over date for a data refresh.

MH: How is application performance effective when running out of the cloud as opposed to on-premise?

SS: It’s very much the same technology we are running in firm’s offices – a storage area network (SAN), Dell servers, VMware virtualization. A firms’ technology performs as well as the performance we give it, both in someone’s office and in the cloud.  In the cloud, if requirements change, we have infinite capacity to add more performance behind the scenes, and it’s an OpEx cost, not a huge hardware refresh.

Case Study #2: Goodbye On-Prem, Hello Cloud

The second case study we featured is an established New York City investment firm with around $3 billion in assets and 30 employees.  There were two primary reasons they opted to move to the cloud.  First, it was time to refresh their network technology. Secondly, they were unhappy with their existing IT provider.  The firm recognized the benefits that a move to the cloud could deliver, and Eze worked closely with them to design a cloud-based solution that would address all their infrastructure and application requirements.

MH: How did moving to the cloud impact this firm’s disaster recovery?

SS: Firms have been running DR in the cloud for a long time.  What’s interesting is replicating an environment from a primary office to the cloud.  When you look at running both production and DR out of cloud data centers, it oftentimes is only a minimal cost increase to solely running DR in the cloud. In our case, we control the hardware infrastructure 100 percent and the data center management, and firms are often surprised when it is only a 30 percent increase to add production services to the cloud on top of disaster recovery.

These two particular case studies demonstrate how moving to the cloud can provide a better and more flexible technology solution for hedge funds.  With the cloud, firms can say goodbye to comm. rooms, physical hardware, extraneous costs and a higher chance of failover to DR.  Click here for a full audio version of Mary Beth and Steve’s conversation. 

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