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NOC Around the Clock: Behind the Scenes with Eze Castle’s Network Operations Center

By Emma Howie | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Global Support DeskNetwork Operation Centers, commonly known as NOCs, are primarily used by large businesses, universities and the government in order to oversee complex networking environments. NOCs are often confused with data centers, which are significantly different. Click here for a refresher on data center tiers. A NOC is an operations base in a dedicated, secure location where a technical team is monitoring, managing and maintaining customers’ networks. Companies and organizations that require a high demand for security and monitoring will most likely have an internal NOC in place - or leverage that of an outsourced provider - in order to maximize efficiency.

What Your NOC Does For You

NOCs play an integral role in keeping a network healthy and thriving. They have varied responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Analyzing and troubleshooting problems

  • Communicating with on-site technicians

  • Network, security & telecommunications monitoring

  • Incident response & communications management

  • Predictive reporting   

  • Preventative maintenance

Why A NOC Is Essential

With technology advancing at a rapid speed, security breaches and attacks are becoming much more prevalent concerns. A quality NOC will keep constant watch over your organization’s systems to guarantee that problems will be caught immediately, reducing the likelihood of mismanaged information or security incidents. 

The Eze Castle NOC

The Eze Castle global NOC is a comprehensive monitoring system that allows our team to see, manage, and service all of our clients’ needs with the highest level of responsiveness and quality.  Our NOC monitors and manages the entire IT ecosystem, including computers, security systems, telecommunications, and cloud services.  This allows our team to immediately begin investigating when an alert is triggered, resulting in rapid resolution and high performance.       

The Eze Castle NOC provides 24x7x365 monitoring that uses best-of-breed tools to proactively identify and address potential issues and ensure premier quality of service.  This continuous monitoring prevents breaches and protects information for the highest security assurance and protection.   

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