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4 Steps to Keep Your Hedge Fund Network Happy and Healthy

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Just like a car, a hedge fund’s network needs some tender loving care (i.e. maintenance) to keep it operating like a well-oiled machine.  So, here is our healthy, happy network maintenance guide that our network experts use:

Step 1: Give those network devices some support

This includes TACACS configuration monitoring to ensure only authorized personnel have access to your network devices as well as staying on top of changes and incident resolution needs related to support for network devices including switches, routers, firewalls, WAN accelerators, VPN concentrators, and Wireless Access Points.

And don’t forgot to include some proactive network maintenance in addition to incident troubleshooting and configuration changes for all your network devices.Network Management

Step 2: Annual Security Vulnerability Assessment

Security threats continue to evolve and require firms to be diligent in keeping their network secure. Our team recommends conducting an annual security vulnerability assessment to identify and resolve potential security network weaknesses such as missing patches.

Step 3: Bi-annual Network Health Check

Networks need check-ups too, so our network experts recommend conducting bi-annual health checks to keep your network available and running at peak performance. The health checks include:

  • Testing for security vulnerabilities

  • Conducting capacity planning

  • Reviewing network configuration to ensure there are no holes and it matches industry best standards

  • Ensuring there are no gaps in redundancy or potential single points of failure

Step 4: DR Verification Support


We are in the optional zone now; however, we recommend this step. Testing the proper operation of your disaster recovery environment is critical (read our DR test FAQ). We recommend that you perform troubleshooting and network verification tasks during these important tests as well. Should a network connectivity or performance issue arise, you’ll want to resolve it quickly.


Eze Castle Integration offers the full range of network support services outlined above through our Network Maintenance & Support Service, which you can read more about HERE.

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