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Welcome MixBit (and Eze Boston!): The newest video sharing app

By Mary Beth Hamilton,
Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Every once and a while we like to deviate from our business technology and operations articles to look at a new technology that has applicability to consumers as well as businesses.  Today we look at the newly released MixBit, which in all honesty, is more applicable to consumers at this point. 

MixBit was created by the founders of YouTube and just released today for iOS.  MixBit fills the void (if you can call it that) between Vine and Instagram Video.  With Vine videos can only be 6-seconds and with Instagram they can be 15-seconds. 

MixBit not only takes the bold step of increasing the size to 16-seconds but also makes blending multiple clips together easy so videos can be longer. 

Aside from the 1 second advantage, MixBit is unique in its ability to let users remix video clips with others they find on the site. 

To see what MixBit can do, I created this 16 second “tour” of our Boston office.  Nothing fancy, but certainly user-friendly. 


Will you be giving MixBit a test drive?  


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