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Ok Glass, Let's See What You Can Do

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Ok Glass, who is the fairest of them all?

This is how I envision the modern day queen in Snow White receiving her daily validation.  Why? Because Google’s Glass, a wearable smartphone, has the potential to shift how we function and put us all on the path to talking to ourselves on a daily basis.

Google Glass is one example of how smartphone technology is ditching the confines of phones and moving into new form factors including glasses and watches.

Currently, about 8,000 “Explorers” are testing Glass and experiencing how beginning a sentence with “Ok Glass” can dramatically change how you receive information.  Earlier this month, Google provided more details on Glass and promised wider availability in 2014.  They also took steps towards squashing privacy concerns.

The Glass screen, when activated, looks “a lot like a 25 inch color TV floating about 8 feet in front of you,” and the glasses weigh about as much as a pair of sunglasses.

So what can Glass do? 

Pretty much anything your smartphone can do but with the added benefit that it is hands-free and looks {insert your descriptor}.  Here is a rundown of the features:

  • Search: Saying “Ok Glass” gets you the information you need whether it is trivia answers or language translation.

  • Navigation: No more taking your eyes off the road to check out your GPS.  Glass projects the turn by turn directions right in front of your eye.

  • Gmail & Calendar: Glass makes checking “email quick and easy” (according to Google).

  • Phone & SMS: Ditch your Bluetooth ear piece for Glass and gain the benefit of speech-to-text transcription.

  • Photos, Videos & Video calls:  This is where the privacy concerns really start because early versions of Glass do not have a dedicated indicator light to show when a video or photo is being taken. 

Google aims to easy privacy concerns by explaining, the “device’s screen is illuminated whenever it’s in use, and that applies to taking a picture or recording a video.”Additionally, Glass requires a verbal command to operate, so listen for “Ok Glass, take a picture” or “Ok Glass, record a video.”

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