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What’s up at VMware? End-User Computing

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

VMware, the original virtualization company, is continuing to evolve as virtualization technology heads towards the commodity department.  The company’s newest push is around the concept of End-User Computing. 

With its end-user computing products and strategy, VMware is aiming to give IT the tools and means to transform “siloed desktops, applications, and data into centrally managed IT services, delivered to end-users securely, on the device of their choice.”  This means allowing IT to centrally set policies, encrypt data, ensure corporate governance is followed and do much more on all devices a user may use.

The products under VMware’s End-User Computing umbrella carry the moniker “Horizon” and include:

  • VMware Horizon View

  • VMware Horizon Mirage

  • VMware Horizon Workspace

  • VMware Horizon Suite

Here’s a quick video to hear VMware’s strategy straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth:

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