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Recapping the 2013 London Hedge Fund Cloud Summit

By Kulvinder Gill | Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

On 19th March, the Eze Castle Integration team in London hosted their first-ever Hedge Fund Cloud Summit at the Prince Philip House. 

Eze Castle Integration along with leading experts in the financial services industry - INDOS Financial Limited, Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage, Bloomberg, Credit Suisse Prime Services, Lucidus Capital Partners LLP, Portman Square, LLP, eSentire, Global Relay, and Simmons & Simmons - came together to provide a half day educational seminar featuring a wealth of information on the cloud to over 100 hedge fund and alternative investments firms.

Technology has undergone tremendous change in the past five years, and many hedge funds and investment firms have started to look for ways to increase efficiencies while reducing costs.

The half day conference was spilt into three panel sessions covering the following topics:

Defining the Private and Public Clouds: This panel explored the key differences and advantages in cloud models and solutions, the considerations for migrating to the cloud, selecting the appropriate cloud solution or mix and the deployment expectations and long-term outlook.

The most common choice is moving into a private cloud, such as the Eze Private Cloud. Private clouds are typically better suited for the alternative investment industry which requires a great deal of sophistication, application integration and support.

Application Hosting: This panel explored the front, middle and back office systems, which can now be supported in a cloud environment. But how do you know when the cloud is a good fit for your applications? This panel included experts from companies that taut some of the leading hedge fund applications on the market and examined the pros and cons of hosting your key hedge fund applications in the cloud. The panellists on this panel covered:

  • The business case for moving apps to the cloud

  • What applications are ideally suited for a cloud environment?

  • Evaluating providers and putting SLAs in place

Cloud Security: The last and most talked about topic was cloud security. Security still remains a top concern for firms when evaluating moving into the cloud.
Last year, Eze Castle Integration conducted a survey of 125 financial services firms to learn how hedge funds and investments firms are currently using cloud services, as well as to provide insight into the factors influencing this growing trend and the barriers to adopting the cloud. According to the survey, concerns about security was top followed by concerns about meeting regulatory or compliance requirements.

Find out more about the cloud! Check out the useful resources below:

Cloud Forum - 100% dedicated to the topic of cloud computing for hedge funds and investment firms, the Cloud Forum has a wealth of information available via articles, videos, whitepapers and much more.

Also, be sure to download our 2013 Guide to Cloud Computing in the Hedge Fund Industry. This comprehensive guidebook examines:

  • Why Are Firms Going to the Cloud?

  • Public and Private Clouds: Why Private?

  • What Are the Use Cases for the Cloud?

  • Secure Computing in the Cloud

  • Checklist Questions to Ask Cloud Providers

Guide to Cloud Computing
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