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It's Flu Season: 9 Tips to Keep Your Hedge Fund Safe

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported high activity levels of Flu cases in 24 states including New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. The illness is spreading at a much more rapid rate this year than in previous winters. To date, over 750 cases of the Flu have been reported in Boston. New York state has reported 20,000 cases of the Flu thus far this season. By comparison, only 4,400 cases of the Flu were reported in New York state for the entirety of the 2011-2012 Flu season.

So, what does this mean for investment firms? It is now more important than ever to ensure your firm can and will remain functional if it is affected by this outbreak or, worse, a pandemic. Business leaders must be mindful of the repercussions of the virus, as a decrease in staff could cause a great strain on the firm and potentially costly downtime.

In order to ensure your employees remain healthy and your business stays operational throughout this Flu season, Eze Castle Integration’s Business Continuity Planning team recommends the following nine guidelines:

  1. Assign a point person within the firm to monitor the status of the Flu. The CDC website ( provides regular updates regarding the reported Flu cases within the United States.
  2. Get a Flu shot. Getting vaccinated helps to decrease your chance of getting the Flu, thereby decreasing your chance of passing the virus on to loved ones or co-workers.
  3. Employees with Flu-like symptoms should limit travel, client visits and working in the office. Any employee experiencing Flu-like symptoms should also let his or her manager know as soon as possible.
  4. Limit on-site meetings. Instead, conduct conference calls or video conferences or use another offsite location. If outside visitors are coming to your office, ensure they are aware of your company’s policy regarding the Flu.
  5. Ensure you have current contact information for your employees as well as external business contacts (i.e. banks, brokers, investors, etc.). Also, be sure that information is readily accessible outside of the office.
  6. Review procedures for activating your business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan and alternate office activation.
  7. Redistribute and/or update employee documentation regarding working remotely such as Quick Reference Cards and wallet cards. It’s important that each employee has access to critical information in case they are unable to go to the office or are asked to work from an alternate location in order to prevent the spread of the illness.
  8. Communicate your company policy regarding the Flu to all visitors prior to their arrival.
  9. Supply hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes for all offices.

Our BCP experts are also always available to assist with planning.

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