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Technology in Action: How one hedge fund is leveraging a trusted IT partner to maximize efficiency

By Dina Ferriero | Thursday, January 10th, 2013

keith komar pzena investment management quotePzena Investment Management is a 16-year-old hedge fund with a solid return record and a reputation for business integrity, research excellence and devotion. With close to 70 employees between the New York headquarters and a representative office in Melbourne, Australia, the company relies upon its IT department and technology consultants to oversee its 80 computers and 30 virtualized servers. As a public company and reputable investment management firm, Pzena must be assured that its critical systems and applications, such as its portfolio accounting system, email service, Microsoft Office applications and Swift Connections, are operating properly on a 24x7x365 basis to ensure client needs are addressed promptly.
Seeking an IT Partner for the Future
In 2009, the firm decided the time had come to replace its existing technology consulting company. In its search for a new partner, Pzena reviewed the qualifications of several firms and gathered referrals from other companies in the investment management market. Based on this research and feedback, the firm chose Eze Castle Integration for its deep technology knowledge, worldwide support and the ability to leverage Eze Castle personnel as on-site system administrators.
Advantages & Benefits
Pzena’s relationship with Eze Castle Integration has afforded the firm numerous benefits and has helped improve its overall operational efficiency. To reduce personnel costs, the fund leverages the expertise of an on-site Eze Castle engineer who assists Pzena’s in-house IT staff with day-to-day administration tasks and employee tech support. The engineer also assists with larger scope projects – 15 in 2012 to be exact – acting as a consultant and trusted partner in these endeavors.
Other areas in which Eze Castle’s solutions and services are helping Pzena maximize operational efficiency while meeting investor and regulatory requirements include disaster recovery planning and testing, outsourced Global Support Desk services, data center monitoring, data protection and more.

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