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iPhone 5 and iOS 6: First Impressions

By Jason Lisnak,
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Five a.m. on September 21, 2012. Do you remember where you were? (C’mon, it was only last week!)
For millions around the world, they were eagerly anticipating the new iPhone 5. Be it in line outside a store (like yours truly) or at their doorstep waiting for the UPS/FedEx drop-off (like those who plan ahead), over 2 million people anxiously waited for the next iPhone to hit the streets. And they didn't just do it because the Kool-Aid tastes good.iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is bigger and faster. The screen is bigger, yet the entire phone weighs less - big perk. And its tech specs, for my fellow geeks out there, are faster across the board. Everything from the processor to memory to cellular connection is a step up. Pretty much the same phone we've all come to love but faster.  No down side there!

But specs alone aren't enough to impress people, and that's where the Apple Operating System, iOS, comes in to play. Every year Apple releases a new iOS with 200+ new features. This go-around is no different. From the little things (like new emoticons or a new share menu) to the big things (a revamped Mail app and better Facebook integration), Apple has kept the feel and made it better in iOS 6.
As has become custom with each new iOS announcement, Apple is getting a lot of backlash. With all the lawsuits going on and fighting between companies, Apple has been cutting ties with a lot of partners.  Because of this, Apple has removed both the original YouTube and Maps apps from iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5. Many users are unhappy with the changes. Apple has developed its own Maps app for the new iOS, but according to many, it is subpar to Google’s.  There is no replacement for the YouTube app, but Google has released one which users can download. Change is good, but too much appears to be a bad thing.

So what’s the verdict?  I haven't had enough time to play around just yet, but I look forward to updating you soon after I review these new features and apps. Stay tuned for future posts to hear more about the good, the bad and the iMazing.

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Photo Source: PC Mag

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