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BCP for the Olympics & Beyond: A Primer on Regional Reference Guides

By Dina Ferriero | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

With the 2012 Summer Olympics now underway, many businesses in the London area are putting aspects of their business continuity plans into action in order to minimize disruptions despite the heightened traffic and intense media attention. This trend got us thinking about the importance of having a comprehensive BCP in place, especially for instances in which an entire region – not just an individual office building – is affected.
In these situations, it is likely that the event will affect more than just your firm. Nearby partners and vendors will also be forced to adjust, as will employees whose homes and families are likely located in the region as well. With all of these factors involved, having a comprehensive business continuity plan takes on an even greater importance. To address these concerns, many firms are incorporating Regional Reference Guides (RRGs) into their existing BCP documentation.

What is a Regional Reference Guide?

An RRG is intended for use as a reference document that each employee can have on-hand in the event of a regional disruption or outage. Unlike a Quick Reference Card (QRC), which provides only basic, critical information for use during a crisis, RRGs contain more thorough, detailed information relating to the office location and surrounding areas. Each employee should keep a copy of their local RRG at their offices and homes, as well as in their email accounts or other locations that will allow them to access the information remotely.

What information does an RRG provide?Visit DR & BCP Knowledge Center

When developing a Regional Reference Guide, be sure to include the following pieces of information:                     

  • Contact information for all members of the company’s management team, as well as any other pertinent BCP personnel

  • Address, directions and other details pertaining to the office’s local evacuation site

  • Information on local hotels in the area near the office, as well as in the surrounding areas (in case employees’ homes are affected by the crisis)

  • Local maps including transportation options and important landmarks

  • First aid kit, fire extinguisher and fire escape locations within the office

  • The company’s health care provider information and contact details

  • Detailed communications procedures, including a conference bridge telephone line that can be used to hold emergency meetings with remote employees

  • Instructions for accessing crucial applications remotely

  • Information on the company’s Employee Assistance Program (if applicable)

Your organization should tailor its RRG to meet its specific business needs as well as the unique requirements of its geographical region and its employees. It is important to keep employees’ personal needs top of mind during the development process, as well as the well-being of their homes and families. Remember: safety always comes first!

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