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Disaster Recovery Game Changer: From SAN-to-SAN to SAN-to-Cloud

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Happy 5th of July!

We interrupt this holiday week to talk about how cloud services are expanding disaster recovery options for users of Storage Area Networks (SAN that is).

A traditional SAN-to-SAN disaster recovery scenario may rely on host-based replication technology transmitting data and applications between two mirror SAN environments.  While this works for some firms, cloud technology presents a viable, cost-effective alternative where data and applications from a firm’s production SAN are replicated to a cloud environment for disaster recovery.

Using replication technology, such as NetApp’s SnapMirror, a firm’s production environment can be synchronized with a disaster recovery environment in a private cloud.   By synchronizing operating systems, applications, and data, the cloud provider should be able to meet aggressive recovery point and recovery time objectives for the client.

Here are a few benefits of using a SAN-to-Cloud solution for disaster recovery:

  • Multiple restore points provide more recovery options in both production and disaster recovery environments; Recover from data corruption with ease

  • Reduced licensing costs results in cost savings as server numbers increase; Pay only for production licenses, which are replicated to the cloud DR environment

  • Bandwidth efficient since only changed blocks are transmitted

  • Periodic disaster recovery testing conducted with limited client involvement can be provided by cloud provider; Testing validates the DR solution and satisfies compliance audit DR requirements

While SAN-to-Cloud DR isn’t right for every firm, it make be advantages for firms that have a larger number of servers or anticipate serge growth at their production site to evaluate this DR deployment model.

You can learn more about Eze Castle Integration’s Eze DR SAN-to-Cloud solution HERE or contact us.

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