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A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Hedge Fund Cloud Summit

By Kaleigh Alessandro | Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

It’s the most talked about trend in technology these days. Then again, can it even be considered a trend anymore? Cloud computing has evolved into a credible technology solution for hedge funds and other financial services firms, allowing them to reduce their upfront capital expenditures and focus their priorities on investment decisions and other operational tasks.

Hedge Fund Cloud Summit, April 24 NYCBut with so much buzz in the industry about the cloud, it seemed fitting to organize an event dedicated solely to this topic. Alas, it’s finally here.

In just two short weeks, Eze Castle Integration will be honored to host the 2012 Hedge Fund Cloud Summit – a half-day conference in New York City designed to dive deep into the critical areas of cloud computing that hedge funds and investment firms are compelled to think about on a daily basis.

The Cloud Summit will bring together more than 100 of the investment industry’s best and brightest technology and operations professionals and will feature expert speakers from some of the leading hedge funds, prime brokers and technology application vendors in the industry.

Below is a sneak peek at the four panel sessions that will highlight the Hedge Fund Cloud Summit in its inaugural year. 

Making the Business (and Financial) Case for the Cloud

In addition to the technology specifics involved in leveraging cloud computing, there are also important operational considerations to think about. What is the business proposition for hedge funds moving to the cloud? Is the cloud really more cost-effective? How do investors feel about the cloud? Our expert panelists will answer these questions and more as they examine the business case for the cloud.

Examining the Changing Role of the Hedge Fund CTO/CIO in the Cloud Era

The role and responsibilities of the hedge fund CTO has evolved in recent years. With the emergence of cloud computing, as well as increased focused on compliance, regulations, reporting and transparency, individuals responsible for technology are juggling more than ever before. Hear directly from current and former hedge fund CTOs as they examine how the role has changed so far and what else to expect in the future.

Hosting Your Applications in the Cloud: What You Need to Know

Your fund uses a host of different financial, trading and risk applications on a daily basis. And many of these can now be supported in a cloud environment. But how do you know when the cloud is a good fit for your applications? This panel includes experts from companies that taut some of the leading hedge fund applications on the market and will examine the pros and cons of hosting your key hedge fund applications in the cloud.

Practicing Safe Security in the Cloud

It’s the question that has lingered in the industry for years – is the cloud secure enough to store sensitive data? With fears of data mingling and cyber attacks, investment firms need to be sure their information lies in a safe place. This panel will explore possible security risks that exist in the cloud and provide best practices for maintaining a safe and secure virtual environment.

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