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We Interrupt this Program to Tout a Few Successes

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Here at Hedge IT, we pride ourselves on writing articles that are informative and educational – not company and product promotional. But sometimes we have to break the rules. This week we’ve received some outstanding coverage from Forbes, Wall Street & Technology and HFMWeek, and I just can’t help sharing. Plus, we found out we’ve been named a finalist for a few hedge fund technology awards, which we think is just grand.

Forbes, Forbes and more Forbes

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First up is the article on How To Start, And Run, A Hedge Fund. This article looks at the ins and outs of starting a hedge fund, as traders leave the prop trading desks of large investment banks due to the Volcker Rule.

Next, up is an article on Reporting Values and Risks In Private Equity Funds And Funds Of Funds that looks at the “development of new tools for tracking private equity, venture capital and funds of funds” and includes quotes from Mark Coriaty, who heads Eze Castle Integration’s sister company, Ledgex.

Closing out our Forbes streak, Mark Coriaty is also quoted in an article on Market Data Sales Drop In Market Slowdown; Thomson Reuters Off.

We love the others too

As any good Hedge IT subscriber likely knows, one topic we love is cloud computing and its use within the hedge fund industry. So it should be no surprise that we were thrilled to be included in Wall Street & Technology’s cloud computing article titled, The Rise of Cloud Computing on Wall Street.

In the article, Managing Director Bob Guilbert talks about the benefits of the cloud and the wider availability of applications specifically targeted to the financial markets. He also points to Eze Castle's New York hedge fund hotel as an example of how hedge funds may become operational quickly and efficiently with the use of cloud computing.

And the winner is…

Since we can’t play favorites, which is your favorite article about your favorite hedge fund technology provider (that’s us!)?

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